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Catch of the Day

November 4, 2018
First timers to jigging blades in deep water, Vincent Carnifax and wife Victoria put the smack on the eyes today. They both were quick studies to the proper technique. We boated 32 walleyes to keep the limit of 9 for the three of us. Best depths were 38 to 32 fow. Silver XPS BassPro Lazer Blades 5/8 oz. outfished all other choices. Fifteen jumbo yellow perch added to a fun Sunday on Oneida. Eyes ranged from 15.5 to 17.75 inches. No slob eyes but we were grateful for all the action.

catch of walleyes        perch

catch of walleye

November 2, 2018
Left the dock at 8:30 am this morning with Jim Froio, DJ David Hiltbrand, Daniel Galloway and Mike Heller in search of Oneida Lake eyes. Water temp is perfect (49 degrees Fahrenheit), locations all replete with very good bottom marks, nice easy drift (0.3-0.4 mph), perfect overcast sky, excellent jigging crew on board; but yet again an imperfect daytime walleye bite. Managed only 4 keepers, 10 shorts all in the 14 inch range and a bi-catch of 32 yellow perch and 27 white perch. Saw very few targets in water less than 35 fow. All our fish taken in 39-35 fow on either, silver blades, #7 jigging RAPS or fatheads. The crazy walleye binge bite has not begun but is clearly due to start any day now. Been covering lots of water to accumulate the catch. Very few targets in water less than 32 feet as observed in my last two outings. As Yogi might have said "THE FUTURE WILL HAPPEN"

catch of walleyes        catch of perch

October 30, 2018
Finally no rain, no prohibitive wind, solid Oneida chop and seemingly a good bite to begin my charter with Matt Schwarz and Jay Lemon. 38 fow jigging raps. Been here 1.5 hours 8 eyes 4 keepers. Hoping the bite continues.

walleye  another walleye  daily catch of walleyes

Here's the rest of the story from this morning's charter. At noon the wind went to beast mode and the bite vanished. We managed to get one more keeper and were forced in by 2:00 pm. Matt Schwarz and Jay Lemon hung tough in that nasty wind.

October 9, 2018
On Sunday, October 7, highachoolersTommy Saunders 17 ESM and Joe Kenney 15 B'VILLE, grandsons of Mel Saunders fished with me from 8:00am to 1:00pm on Oneida Lake. This was a charter paid for by their grandfather Mel Saunders who opted not to be with us. We spent the first 3.5 hours fishing 32 and 38 feet stretches for one 19.5 inch walleye and 6 yellow perch. A big thanks goes to Capt. Dave Wilson and Bob Busch who were heavily into the perch and subsequently gave me a call. During the following 1.5 hours the boys boated another 55 keeper size "dragons". I had all I could do to keep them baited. This a first time experience for them and I might add two quick studies at jigging the depths in choppy waters and a very good sense at fishing fatheads on a school of perch.

walleye  perch  daily catch of perch

September 23, 2018
Today I closed another chapter in my 43 year career as a USCG licensed charter captain on Lake Ontario; and what a gorgeous morning it was. Calm seas, strong bite, with salmon right in the front door at the Lighthouse and detached NE wall at Oswego Harbor. Chris Bryan, Biz Brown, Austin McIntosh and Emily Kelsey-Gossard limited on kings while going 12 for 17. Hits were equally spread among A-TOM-MIK MEAT RIGS, J-plugs, Mag Wiggle Warts and Moonshine spoons. Earlier in the week Walter Lang and wife Julie Gardner took advantage of the action as well as Jerry Blackman and Jack Zasada. Mike Smith and his crew of Jerry, Chris, Randy and Jess from PA also partook of the fun. Thanks to all who helped make this a safe, successful and very enjoyable Lake Ontario season. During October and November I will again be on Oneida Lake chartering for walleye and yellow perch.

September 14, 2018
What a blast we had this morning. Rick Leone, son Brett Leone of P. A. Leone Plumbing brought nine of their employees on a salmon charter with me and Capt. Dave Wilson out of OZ. No dull moment with these two animated crews. Special thx to Jon Alli Rich for organizing the outing. Between the two boats we managed 30+ strikes 15 salmon landed plus to smallmouth. Plugs, A-TOM-MIK MEAT RIGS and A-TOM-MIK FLIES accounted for the majority of strikes.

daily catch of salmon

September 12, 2018
Sid Westcott, sons Carl and Kevin Westcott along with son-in-law Mark Hesse wrestled with the kings at OZ this morning. The bite was good again with a tally of 7 boated for 12 hookups. Heavy fog through 3/4 of the charter required diligence at the helm and constant reference to my onboar radar. Cold water surface temps in the forties with an accompanying NE breeze and a warm air temperature pushing high 60's created the perfect mix for dense fog. Again a combo of A-TOM-MIK MEAT, A-TOM-MIK MEAT RIGS and A-TOM-MIK FLIES kept the rods popping.

daily catch of salmon

September 11, 2018
Rain, fog, temp in the 50's and enough salmon action to keep us warm! Sean Bubnis, son Liam, Brian Pawlikowski and son Josh had an exciting morning of Salmon fishing in OZ. They had 14 hits throughout the charter and landed 7 kings. Strikes ran the gamut from A-tom-mik meat rigs, to A-tom-mik flies (notably the Kevin Davis Fly), J-plugs and Moonshine spoons. On Sunday afternoon Gordon Nickerson, son Seth Nickerson, wife Catherine Nickerson and Jose from the Dominican Republic landed 3 for 7. It was Jose's first experience fishing. One he'll remember for quite some time.

king salmon nice king

daily catch of kings

king     3 kings

September 7, 2018
Joe Campanino, Scott Pickard and Tim Perry handled the salmon rods expertly this afternoon with a limit of 9 for 14. Again it was A-TOM-MIK flies, A-TOM-MIK meat and A-TOM-MIK meat rigs collaborating to put fish on the deck. Staging has definitely begun. More salmon are showing up daily and having their last supper.

king another king 3rd king

catch of salmon

Rich Furtado, Dennis Quintal, Paulie and Steve chartered us yesterday afternoon and this morning for two days of action packed fishing. Yesterday they went 13 for 24 and this am they logged 8 for 12. UV 191 and UV 141 A-tom-mik flies on divers have been main players as well as A-TOM-MIK meat rigs with A-tom-mik meat.

ing salmon king catch of salmon

September 6, 2018
US Congressman John Katko held his own while fishing with good friend Jim Sollecito on Labor Day. Indeed, it was a labor of love, as John enjoys fishing as passionately as he loves the CNY outdoors. Joined by his wife Robin Katko the group caught numerous king sized salmon, and released the ones not meant for the dinner table to be caught again. All while enjoying lively conversation and a lovely sunset view aboard The Bandito III.

king salmon   another king    catch of kings

September 2, 2018
Two good outings back to back. Friday, Andy Andrew Casey, Tom Green, Jeff from Essex Steel, John Pletla and Myron Kocan were busy handling 19 hook ups and landing 9 salmon on A-TOM-MIK MEAT MEAT RIGS, A-TOM-MIK MEAT, A-TOM-MIK COPPER.

king salmon            king salmon daily catch of kings

More of the same on Saturday morning with Curtis Tracy, Tyler Tracy, Alissa Case, and Michelle Sanford. This was Michelle's first time trolling for salmon and she got into it big time. They landed eight for twelve.

king   4 kings

daily catch of kings

August 31, 2018
Another quick bite this morning for John Brusa and Rich Maxwell at OZ. Started with a triple. 110 rigger shot with an A-TOM-MIK MEAT RIG, moonshine spoon at 98 then the 500 cooper dressed with a J-plug. Managed to land all three then finished at 6 for 9 by 9:00 am.

king salmon another king  morning catch of kings

August 30, 2018
Hanging at the dock this am. Nasty NNE wind. Hopefully it will subside enough to get the afternoon charter out on the big pond. Yesterday morning we made short order of a two man limit mostly on A-TOM-MIK meat rigs and A-TOM-MIK meat. Thermocline is in the cellar. Riggers at 110, 122, 130, 500 copper, divers 330-340. By 7:00 am Rick Caruso of Baldwin Hall and Don Ballway of Aqualogics were 3 for 4. Followed that with 7 straight misses. If you will excuse the analogy, it's kinda like baseball with players in scoring position 7 consecutive times without scoring. Ended at 9:15 am going 6 for 14. Other captains confirmed the same fish on fish off scenario.

king salmon  Another king

daily catch of kings

August 10, 2018
Sometimes it's just nice to spend quality time with friends while fishing and sharing stories. Recently retired West Genesse high school coach Mike Messere, King of the Lacrosse world reflects on Reeling In The Years while spending time catching and releasing double figures of Kings with four time IGFA world record holder and former face off player Jim Sollecito. Jeff Gilka who was responsible with Jim for helping to get Sunday hunting established in NYS in 1996 was also on board to photo document this strict catch and release outing."

king salmon        nice rainbow trout

nice king  another king

August 3, 2018
Amanda Webster, husband Tom Webster, Daniel Galloway and Bill Langsley were our foursome for yesterday morning's charter at OZ. Amanda, a first timer at salmon fishing put the first king aboard as soon as we set the first rods. That experience on a downrigger rod set the mood for her next endeavor THE 400 COPPER which she handled like an experienced salmon troller. The bite was best from 100 to 160 fow early; then we needed to stretch it to 300 as the morning wore on. A-TOM-MIK meat rigs and a mix of Dreamweaver spoons accounted for our strikes.

king salmon  king salmon king salmon

daily catch of salmon

August 2, 2018
Stephen F Swierczek and sons Stephen Swierczek, Bryan Swierczek tagged teamed king salmon aboard the BANDITO III at OZ. We fished from 120 to 330 with a trough troll using A-TOM-MIK Meat Rigs, A-TOM-MIK flies and an assortment of UV Dreamweaver and Michigan Stinger spoons to land some large adult kings.

king salmon      king salmonanother king       daily catch of salmon

July 26, 2018
Another family outing on the BANDITO III this morning with dad Ray Kubacki, daughters, Julia , Heather Kubacki, sons, Alex Kubacki, Jake and friend Soni Ritzel. This is clearly a fishing family that knows their way around boats and can handle jigging rods for Oneida walleye as well as salmon trolling rods on Ontario. No quiet time with the Kubacki crew. They are all in it and quite animated. FUN to be and fish with. We trolled from 50 fow to 240 throughout the morning and took fish from 18 feet down to 45 on mostly spoons. A-TOM-MIK Meat rigs on 155 divers contributed to the catch as well as 250 coppers.

king salmon  another king   pair of kings

saily catch of king salmon

July 25, 2018
Very special moment today on the BANDITO III with Troy Ray McMullen, Laura Blaisdell, Dick Williams, mate Jeff Ernest Hunter and me. In between catching some nice king salmon Troy Ray popped the big question to Laura and the answer was an unequivocal, immediate YES. That's the 2nd. one in 43 years of chartering.

salmon   king salmon  another king

daily catch of salmon

July 24, 2018
Had a super family charter this morning with William Brod, wife Lisette Brod, daughters, Hannah Brod, Jillian Brod and friend James Czora. Again for the second straight day pretty much a shallow effort with so much cold water inshore. Never took a strike outside of 80 fow or inside of 35 fow. Started looking for browns and with the 2nd rod in took an adult king. Fished our FULL METAL JACKET spread in gittyape mode pushing speeds up to 3.2 mph at the weight. Coppers, cores, divers, riggers and mini discs all took strikes. Find bait and you will find salmon cruising the currents looking for lunch.

daily catch of browns & kings

July 23, 2018
Nice outing this morning out of OZ. Granddad Alan Saulsbury , grandsons Daniel and Nick with their friends Jordan and Jaren kept reeling as the lines kept peeling. A mixed bag of browns, kings and a laker liked our spoon program in 25 to 50 fow. Four and five color cores, slide divers and riggers no deeper than 25 all played host to hungry salmonids and one laker.

brown trout   brown trout & salmon

daily catch of browns & kings

July 9, 2018
Jonathan Halsey, Joe Vandee, Justin Betts and Darren Perry fished with me and mate Jeff Ernest Hunter out of Oswego Marina at OZ on Saturday morning for their first time ever on the BANDITO III. It's a charter they will remember for sometime to come. They kept busy with a tally of 6 kings and one ironhead for 15 shots. 500 and 400 coppers fired a total of five times to yield 2 kings. Basically started in 100 fow and as the sun got higher and light penetration reached we headed to deeper water to fish the colder climes with less light intensity. A-TOM-MIK FLIES notably ProAm, Big Fin Glo and UV190, meat rigs and Stingray Tux, Alewife, Diehard kept the rods jumping. Eventually made it out to 400 fow.

king salmon  another King

daily catch of Kings

July 6, 2018
Yesterday morning, James Turner, Mike Davidson, Chad Waterman and Andy Morenus joined me and mate Jeff Ernest Hunter for their first ever outing on the BANDITO III out of OZ. Started in 65 fow. Strong south wind lifted 48 degree water to 50 feet below the surface and substantial markings of bait made the area an inviting place to begin our troll. Within a few minutes Jeff raced to rigger #1 and handed the rod to Jim Turner who landed our biggest of the day which weighed 20.73 on my scale and 20.6 on the Tri-County Salmon Slam scale. Hope we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot but both Jeff and I decided not to enter it as one of our seven fish over the duration of the tournament. We both agreed that an average of around 22#s would be necessary to finish near the top. Last day to enter a salmon is July 22nd and tournament days are Wednesdays thru Sundays. Tom Allen organizer of the tournament is still taking registrations for more competing boats. Currently there are 56 boats in the competition spread across Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego counties. Ok back to the remainder of our charter. Soon after landing that first salmon. We had a triple and landed two of the three. All early hits came off spoons. Since we were in such shallow water we did also pick up two browns among the salmon. When the light penetration got to above 40% we moved out to deeper water where the cold temps were further down and the light less intrusive. Jeff's 400 coppers, and 260, 270 divers took over loaded with A-TOM-MIK Big Fin Glo and ProAM flies as well as A-TOM-MIK meat rigs to close out our limit. By the way the Fish Hook Fleas are as bad as ever. Can't imagine it getting any worse.

daily catch of salmon

July 4, 2018
Fished Lake Ontario yesterday from 11:45 am to 5:45 am at OZ with my charter crew John Davidson, Jack Davidson, Josh Noll and John Munchel. Managed to fight through the Fish Hook Flees all of the afternoon to generate 16 strikes with 9 landed. Our best performer was the A-TOM-MIK ProAm fly. The flees are the heaviest concentration I've seen in recent years. Didn't find any single heavy concentration of bait or fishable marks. Basically trolled from 100 to 400 and fished the riggers and wires deep enough to avoid the high light penetration. Needed to fish down 70s and 80s to reach 27% light verses 99% above those depths.

king salmon            king salmon fish on! lure stuck in net

daly catch of king salmon

July 2, 2018
Two different days, two different lakes. On Saturday morning Kevin Poyfair, Brady Poyfair and mate Matt Matthew Gutchess joined me for a salmon charter out of OZ. The bite continues to entertain all charters regardless of port or presentation. Right now, the entire near south shore waters of Lake Ontario are replete with all year classes of salmon. From Wilson, to Henderson and all ports in between, limit catches are the norm. We left port a little later than others and decided to setup west and north of the pack. Had a very active bite in 160 to 200 fow on all spoons and A-TOM-MIK flies notably UV 190, Glo Hammer and Big Fin fished off 160 wires, 300 copper and riggers set from 47 to 64 down. Kept our presentation cold: 48 to 42 degrees. Released a nice steelhead and several kings while limiting for Kevin and Brady . This morning I had a no show on Oneida for a legitimate reason. No cause to fret. Gave me the rare opportunity to fish alone for contemplation and relaxation; with the anticipation of catching some eyes for supper. Started in 33 fow straight out of Fremac Marina. Saw very little; caught norhing. Hit several deep spots all east with jig/worm and bladebaits to no avail. Gave up on the depths and headed for the weeds. Immediately caught a short, followed by a rockie. Made three moves on a very long stretch of 10 to 7 feet weeds and boated my limit of eyes, a perch and a pickerel all on Brian Hammond 's Hammer Rig. Finally remembered to put my new Oneida Lake Diehards measuring trough on the boat. Glad I had the opportunity to use it.

King Salmon    Steelhead

daily catch on Lake Ontario

walleye walleyes

June 28, 2018
Fished Tuesday and Wednesday mornings with two separate groups in search of Oneida "eyes". On Tuesday, Fran Lowther treated his son, Sean and neighbors Michael Broccoli and Ryan Mahoney to their first ever walleye charter. Our first effort jigging the depths with blades and bucktail jigs came up with just a sheepie and short walleye. So off to the weeds we go with Brian Hammond Hammond's HAMMER SPINNER WEED RIG. All the boys caught their first walleyes, many pickerel and some bass. With coaching from dad Fran and me, the boys picked up the casting technique and smiled all morning. On Wednesday veteran fishermen Frank DeJohn, Zach Wooton and Dave Ware joined me at 5:30 am for a trip to the weeds with the HAMMER RIG. By 9:45 am number 12 hit the deck and we made it back to Fremac Marina before the heavy rain began.

morning catch of walleyes           beautiful sunrise

afternoon catch of walleyes

June 23, 2018
Special thanks to Tom Allen for once again running his 11th. Annual A-TOM-MIK Challenge today out of Oswego Marina. Boats were allowed to leave from either Cayuga or Oswego counties; fish from 5:00 am to 1:00 pm and weigh in no later than 3:00 pm. Congratulations are in order to Team Connonball Runner and Capt. Eddie Edward Monette for their first place finish out of a field of 47 boats with a six fish box weighing 112.45 lbs. My team of Richard Culkin, Jeff Ernest Hunter, Brad Clark, Denny Dennis Ferris and Mike Michael Barbour weighed a six fish box weighing 110.10 lbs for a 2nd. place finish. We fished from 100 to 410 fow, covering the water column from 50 to 120 down with a variety of A-TOM-MIK Meat Rigs, Michigan Stinger spoons and A-TOM-MIK flies on 300, 400, 500 coppers, 311 Divers and riggers spread from 50 to 120 down. High rod sat 48 degrees all day and low rod at 42 degrees. Lotsa skips, teens, just enough adults and a pile of misses. Fun event with many seasoned teams.

2nd place A-tomik Challange  2nd place A-Tomik Challange, catch of salmon

June 21, 2018
Not a boat limit but this family sure had fun. Left Fremac Marina at 5:30 am with Melissa Odell Pinckney, her husband Jeff, their two sons, Ryan and Nick and her father Lyn Odell. This crew just kept on casting and catching as I moved from weed bed to weed bed. Bullhead, Pumpkinseed, Perch, Largemouth Bass, Pickerel and Walleyes couldn't resist the Brian Hammond Hammer Rig dressed with half a nightcrawler as they casted it through the weeds. Spent the entire morning in 5-10 fow. It was nice to see heavier eyes in the catch. Four out of the ten measured from 20 to 21 inches.

kids & two nice bass daily catch

June 17, 2018
Hope all the dads out there had as nice a Father's Day as I had today. Spent the morning charter with Keith Braudrick and sons Matt Braudrick and Tim Braudrick on Oneida Lake chasing walleyes. Keith last fished with me 30 plus years ago and it was neat to reminisce and catch up. Although new to jigging this crew turned out to be a quick study. We started in 13-22 fow and used a mix of gold, chrome, XPS Bass Pro 5/8 oz. Lazer blades and jigs tipped with a nighrcrawler. Blades immediately prevailed and by 9:30 am the body count was 15 eyes netted with 8 keepers. Both the area and the bite dried up. Fished deeper 26-31 in three new locations only to catch two more shorts. Decided to spend our last hour 10:30-11:30 am in the weeds 6-12 fow tossing the Brian Hammond Hammer Rig. Boated 3 more eyes, two of which were keepers, four pickerel and a largemouth. To top the day off got to spend the afternoon with MY GAL CAL, my wife (Carolyn Anne Lawson) hence the acronym CAL and our son Tedd who had just flown in from Los Angeles.

carch of walleyes on Father's Day

June 14, 2018
Not a mega catch by any standard but did have mega action fishing with my two charters on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Tuesday's crew of Bill Anderson, George Rammer and Joe Casimino all retirees were very good friends from high school days. On Wednesday I had Robert Barber, Adam Roof and Dan Ziegler all from Bass Pro Shop in Auburn. Between the two groups we easily handled over 40 pickerel, 20 walleyes of which 15 were keepers, smallmouth and largemouth bass, rockies, perch and sunnies. Started the morning with my usual effort to put "eyes" on the deck by jigging and pulling blades. Found areas with good bottom marks but stubborn attitudes. Plan B became the viable choice. Find bays with substantial weed growth and cast spinner/worm rigs. A world of thanks is in order to Brian Hammond the creator of the HAMMER, (a spinner/worm/weed rig) that easily fishes through cover and provides plenty of catching action to anglers of all ages. Basically cast it out, let it drop then retrieve with enough speed to spin the blade. This rig will navigate the weeds surprisingly well.

catch of walleyes  catch of walleyes

lure of the day  another good lure

June 2, 2018
More of the same on Oneida this afternoon. The on again off again bite manifested it many forms of pockets not schooled eyes. Some biters most non-biters. Long drifts, depths of 32 to 26 with BASS PRO LAZER BLADES SILVER 5/8 OZ. out performing other choices. Bob Stukenborg and Randy from North Jersey handled their jigging responsibilities quite well, rough seas notwithstanding. Managed our limit with most fish between 17 and 20 inches.

catch of walleyes

May 28, 2018
When Dr. Chris Buff, wife cheryl, daughter Sarah and son-in-law Mark Libertucci boarded MY GAL CAL II this morning the 56 degree chill in the air and a stiff east, north east chop convinced me to start our first drift in shallow. Never left the skinny water for the remainder of our charter on Oneida Lake. After the first keeper (21 inch eye) came on board and coughed up a 2.5 inch perch in the live well, I had the reassurance that this area would be good to us the remainder of the morning. By the end of the charter the body count was up to 19 shorts, 11 keeper walleyes, 4 yellow perch, 2 sheepshead and 1 pickerel. Found this variety of fish in 15 to 9 fow; and bladed our way through. Again XPS BASS PRO LAZER SILVER 5/8 oz. got the job done.

daily catch of walleyes     perch found in walleye

May 24, 208
Took a break from the little o (Oneida) today and did a charter with Chris Shumaker and Brent Hall on Lake Ontario out of Oswego. Left the dock at 11:00 am and returned at 5:00 pm. Ran west of port and setup in 20 to 40 Fow in search of browns. Ten rod spread included 1, 2 and 3 core rods, three riggers, 1 mini disc, one slide diver and two flatlines all spoons. Despite the high sun and flat calm conditions the fish cooperated. Mid way through the outing I pointed it dead north in search of kings and or steelhead. At this point we swapped the two surface rods for a 200 copper , 5 color core, and traded the one color for a 4 color. At 200 fow the king hit our 5 color loaded with a DW Martel spoon and at 450 fow the same item took the steelhead. With an hour remaining we moved into 145 fow in search of lakers and only generated two strikes for one small laker. Inshore temperature was 51 degrees then by 70 fow we had 46.6 all the way to 400 where it broke to 44. Marked little to no bait in the offshore. The extra brown in the photo is mine. When we cleared rods we found the hitch hiker which I reeled in and kept for myself.

catch of brown trout & king salmon

May 23, 2018
Finally a REDEMPTIVE walleye bite on the little "o" this morning. My last few charters on Oneida I struggled big time to find cooperative eyes. Very different scenario this morning. When Josh Rusaw, Mark Krypel, Tom Jones and Aaron Nipper (ground maintenance at COR) boarded MY GAL CAL II at 6:30 am, I had a very good vibe that the "eyes" would be ready to play. Conditions simply lined up in our favor. Overcast, great wind 8mph NW, rising barometer. Typically a recipe for a good Oneida bite. Two locations later, one yielding two keepers two shorts and the other 11 keepers 5 shorts and we were on our way to a five man limit. Not to happen. At 10:30 that big skylight broke through and instantly shut down all bites except two more of our total of 11 perch. What did remain the same at both locations was depth (30-22) fow and lure choice (XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES all gold and all silver in 5/8 ounce. Aaron Nipper got MVP fisherman of the charter with a 22 1/4 inch walleye.

morning catch of walleyes

May 15, 2018
Wally Juszek, wife Debbie Juszek, Wally's daughter Jessica Juszek Sweeney and husband Chris Sweeney braved the elements today and fished their way through the early afternoon rain on Oneida Lake. Although the marks were prevalent on the fishfinder the bite did not equate to the picture. Best depth was low to mid twenties. Boated 12 eyes with 8 keepers and 10 yellow perch all on silver and gold XPS Bass Pro Lazer Blades 5/8 oz. Debbie earned MVP status with a twenty inch eye.

nice walleye   Daily catch of walleye

May 14, 2018
Fished a quiet, calm Oneida Lake this morning with Eric Saulsbury, Capt. Chris Yard (Irish Knots], wife Denise Yard and Sean Malchak. No quantifiable schooling of walleyes yet. Small pockets noticeably on the move. Never caught more than two eyes this morning in a single drift and the follow up repeat drift produced none at every visited location. Did manage to boat 11 with 8 keepers with four in that 18-20 inch range. Again XPS Lazer Blades prevailed (silver and gold). I experimented with jig/worn, jigging Raps, and an assortment of colors to no avail.

Daily catch of walleyes

Capt. Paul Nagle and mate Matt Matthew Gutchess piloted the BANDITO III out of Oswego on Lake Ontario for me yesterday while I was chasing eyes on Oneida. Their crew of Adam Gedamoske, Jason Gedamoske, Dave Gedamoske, Justin Stevens and Dave Suydam had a fish full time boating browns, salmon and steelhead. The brown bite was inshore on spoons and sticks whereas the salmon where offshore in 100 to 200 fow. Basically a spoon bite for the salmon off riggers 15 to 30 down and core rods 3 to 5 colors.

Spring Kings    Daily catch of Kings and Browns

May 10, 2018
First day back on Oneida since Sunday and not much has changed. Today's charter with Steve Aiello and John "Kid" Corbett remained similar to last Sunday. No evidence of schooling, very little correlation to printing them and catching. Repetitive drifts not significant. Run and gun more productive than staying put. Again all bites in 21-35 fow. Lure preference the same Silver XPS BASSPRO LAZER BLADE 5/8 oz. and in my three charters yet to boat a goby or see one in the stomachs. One other constant; boated 48 eyes in three charters and not one under the legal size.

Daily catch of walleyes

May 7, 2018
Day two of opening walleye weekend on Oneida Lake certainly didn't take a cue from day one. Stupid easy bite on day one became a challenging bite on day two. Very calm and tight lipped eyes required a run and gun approach. Some areas that were good on Saturday were devoid of bottom targets. Other areas were replete with bottom marks but tight lipped. Solution...pick a few here then move on pick a few there and keep moving. The few you picked were the biters in the group. As usual my crew of DJ David Hiltbrand, Jim Froio, Daniel Galloway and Mike Heller kept the charter interesting with their typical banter and occasional "eye" flopping on the deck. Similar to Saturday all of their limit came from 18 to 35 fow on silver XPS Bass Pro Lazer Blades.

daily catch of walleyes

May 5, 2018
Brothers Dan Peck, Mike Peck, Brian Peck and their friends Bob Bell and Chris Bender met me this morning at Fremac Marina for their annual walleye charter scheduled to coincide with the Lyons Club Walleye Derby on Oneida Lake. Early morning bite kept us busy in 18-24 fow tossing silver XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES 5/8 oz. After the 11th. "eye" took up residence in the deadwell that orange ball high up in the east sent us packing to 30-35 fow and a steady bite for the remainder of the charter. Cumulatively we boated 27 eyes none under 15.5 inches, four between 20 and 22 inches and a bunch from 18 to 19.5. This year's crop appears quite healthy considering length to girth ratio. The same observation occurred during this year's egg take as reported by Bill Evans hatchery manager at the Oneida Fish Cultural Station. Always encouraging to start the season with a max limit on the first outing...hope it's a trend and not an empheral fluke.

walleye   daily catch for 5/5/18

April 27, 2018
John McMains, Andrew McMains and Jay Mitchell from Raleigh, NC. Sean Corcoran from Syracuse boarded the BANDITO III this morning for their first ever Lake Ontario charter out of Oswego and OZ did not disappoint. After a slow start we finally found a patch of cleaner water and a hungry pod of browns . Most action came off the boards loaded with Smithwicks. Later in the morning riggers got active with metal (Hybrid lures) with plenty of glo. Best depths were from 11 to 24 fow. Lakers were hanging bottom in 150-160.

brown trout morning catch of brown trout for 04/27/18

April 25, 2018
We all know how mean and unmanageable the big O (Lake Ontario) can be. Well, yesterday afternoon she showed her gentle character for my charter with grandfather Ed Sematoske, his daughter, Carolyn Sematoske Lonergan, and her two boys Jack and George. Their first time experience with Lake Ontario charter fishing will definitely be one to remember and savor for the days ahead. Very calm seas, the warmest day of this spring and a steady afternoon bite both for lakers and browns could not have been more perfectly scripted. We elected to start out deep, 140-160 fow in search of Lakers on the bottom. The "buddies" and the Spin N Glos fished with S&S blades put the limit topside with 12 year old George starting the effort by landing the biggest of the day, a 12# roaster. At 3:00 pm we moved inshore to search for browns and started with a triple coming on a Smithwick, a Hybrid Spoon and an Evil Eye. The browns remained a steady pick in 12 to 34 fow for this crew that handled the rods liked seasoned anglers. They went 8 for 10 on lakers and 10 for 13 on browns.

laker brown trout brown trout

morning catch of Lake Trout & Brown Trout

April 24, 2018
Hungry fish again this morning at OZ. Matt Schwarz and Jay Lemon stepped aboard the BANDITO III at 6:15 this morning and stepped off at 10:30 am with their limits of browns and lakers. Once again a mix of Hybrid spoons and Smithwicks were ample table tidbits to generate the strikes. Browns came in 9 to 24 fow and the lakers covered the carpet in 140.

nice brown trout morning catch of brown trout

April 21, 2018
Our afternoon charter met with quick action right out of the shoot. Browns were cruising the shallows in search of forage and we obliged with a mix of sticks and metal. Hybrid spoons and Smithwicks got the job done. Greg Polge Fish Man, Tom Beaudoin, Steve Weld and Rich Ludington showed their skill at landing the hookups. They went 13 for 14 on browns and 4 for 4 on lakers. Again, all action easy of OZ.

afternoon catch of browns & lakers

Phil Roe and Guy Urban braved the waves and the cold this morning to bring home their limits of browns and lakers . Primarily a stickbait bite in 12 fow. By 8:30 they had their limit and while pulling lines we boated 3 more to release and then head to laker waters 150-155 where they followed up with another limit . All action east of OZ.

morning carch of brown trout

April 13, 2018
And so the 2018 charter season begins for the BANDITO III at OZ. Geoff Reck just landed this 24" Brown on a blue/silver Smithwick.

First fish of the season-big Brown trout

George Reck just boated this 11# brown. Not a pretty one but a fighter.

11 lb Brown trout

George and Geoff Reck , Chris Wines, Tim Case and Jeremiah Renk were busy reeling this am aboard the BANDITO III at OZ on Lake Ontario. A full limit of 15 browns and 5 lakers bloody the deck at a nice pace. 5 of the browns weighed from 7 to 11#. SMITHWICKS, Hybrid spoons enticed the browns and blades with Spin N Glos were the lures of choice for the lakers.

Morning catch of Brown trout

My afternoon crew Nick Goodell, Matty Barone, Ross Wheeler, Cody Thompson, Taylor Fleming and Brien Woodard gather for their bachelor party weekend. Started with some lake trout action with the anticipation of brown trout for the latter part of the charter. 36.4 degree water made for a chilly feel while targeting lakers. After 2.5 hours and 10 lakers caught on Spin N Glos and Fireplugs ... See More — with Ross Wheeler, Cody Thompson, Brien Woody, Taylor Fleming, Nick Goody and Matty Barone.

Aternoon catch of Brown trout

2017 Catches

November 15, 2017
Another frosty morning at Fremac Marina. Left the dock at 9:00am only to be greeted by a crisp 30 degrees conspiring with a stiff east wind to make for an eye opening ride to walleye central. Pretty much the same results of previous outings: another boat limit, 5/8 oz. silver blades, depths from 26- 18 FOW. Easily handled 40+ eyes to met today's standard of 16.5 inches while limiting with 18 keepers by 12:30. My charter with Jim Breuer, Jeremy Mohat, Travis and Dave Doty and John Hession closed the door on charter season 2017. Sure I'm disappointed to not finish the month and the charters scheduled through Thanksgiving. Lake effect snow on Saturday and Sunday, high winds and rain tomorrow and a nasty week ahead mandated the decision to close the door. On the positive side however; I am very grateful for all those who chartered with me and for those who tried but were denied by wind or by no compatible dates. I am especially thankful to complete another safe season without incident. Again thanks to all for so much support and hope to SEA you in 2018.

daily catch for 111517

November 14, 2017
As the great Yogi Berra might have said, "IF IT GETS ANY BETTER IT CAN'T ". Of course I'm referring to the walleye blade bite on Oneida Lake right now. Exceptional catches, both quantity and quality are commonplace; and time of day doesn't matter. Sun up to Sun down non stop catching. Depth and lure choice haven't changed since last Thursday. 26-14 FOW and a 5/8 oz. silver blade. Today's charter of Jim Froio, Don Berti and Edward P DeFurio experienced just how great the fall fishery is on Oneida during November. They decided we would not keep any eyes under 17 1/2"; so the majority of our catch were immediately released. When the 12th. keeper hit the deck, Don Berti had reason to celebrate. A 5.6 pound 24 1/2 inch eye became his personal best of 2017 and likewise the best of my 2017 charter season as well. Ed DeFurio's 22 1/2 and Jim Froio 's 20 1/2 would have to defer bragging rights to Don.

big walleyes large walleye another big walleye

                        daily catch of walleyes

November 13, 2017
Doesn't get much better than this. The Fox family, dad Joe Fox and sons Ben Fox, Sam Fox and Patrick Fox had a walleye day on Oneida they will remember for years to come. Left Fremac Marina at 11:00 am after removing a 1/2 inch of snow from the deck of MY GAL CAL II. Headed east again simply because that's where the majority of walleyes are each and every November since I can remember for my 42 years of chartering. Again, like yesterday the eyes were shallow. We caught well over 45 walleyes anywhere from 24 - 14 FOW . What impressed me the most about today was size. Our limit of 15 eyes stretched from 18 - 22 1/2 inches. The 22 1/2 weighed 5.5 #. This is the most active lake fall bite so far this season and it will not let up. Thank MOTHER NATURE ! Her message---"time to binge feed walleyes, bulk up winter and ice cold water is on its way". No challenge for lure choice, silver blades preferably 5/8 oz. Eyes are eating shad and buckeyes, that's a lot of silver. Give me a year with 12 Novembers and you will see a perpetual smile.

nice walleye           big bass

daily catch of walleyes

November 12, 2017
Absolutely the best blade bite this fall on the little "o". Found a school of eyes in 26-12 FOW at noon and we were done by 1:00 pm. Numerous doubles, some triples and one quad. Most active school so far this fall season. Nothing special...still silver blades seem to work day in and day out. Left Fremac Marina at 11:00 am with my charter crew of Kyle Thompson, Cody Shamp "Don't call me Shampoo, Tracy Thompson, and William Steinert aka Castro who started today's walleye revolution. Pulled up for our first drift in 32 FOW. Took it into 26FOW for one eye and one perch. Very limited bite for a screen replete with marks. Moved to a spot further east and painted fish along the 26 to 12 feet drop. This group wanted to play and they paid.

noce walleye   daily catch of walleyes

November 9, 2017
Ambient temp on Oneida continues to drop. Today's 33-35 depth registered temps as cold as 49 and as high as 51. Third consecutive day of dropping temps with a bite I refer to as "batting practice". Each day now I am seeing the school move to deeper water. All of our fish came from 33-35 FOW ...same silver blades and another boat limit. Left Fremac Marina at 9:00am and the 49th. eye hit the deck at 1:00 pm to complete the boat limit of 15. My crew of Vince Clap, Steve Aiello, Brian Maher and Mark Pelletier braved the early morning cold and were rewarded with a steady bite.

daily catch of walleyes

November 8, 2017
Another temperature drop on Lady "o" overnight followed by an accompanying vicious daytime blade bite. Main lake region (35-38 FOW) now at 52.5 from yesterday's 53.5 and the near shore temps 47-48 also down from 49. Noticed the first signs of dense schooling from 31-33 FOW. Once this gets established the school just keeps expanding. This has been an Oneida Lake east end ritual for at least the last 42 years of my charter career. Total count for today was 67 boated kept 12 with many fish in that 14 range which is a good indicator of next year's 15 inch year class. Again silver blades served my crew of DJ David Hiltbrand, Mike Heller and Jim Froio very well.

   daily catch

November 7, 2017
Lady "o", as in Oneida Lake was kind to us this am with a steady blade bite in 22-26 FOW. Appreciated the calm water after being canceled on both Sunday and Monday due to adverse winds. My charter spanned three generations of the Mohat family, (grandad Don, dad Jeremy Mohat and daughter Mady age 11). Left Fremac Marina at 8:00am where the water temp was 49, the coldest of this fall. Most of the deep water region east to Sylvan Beach is 53.5 degrees with a near shore shore temp hovering around 49 degrees. Once we located fish, they didn't disappoint. The eyes were feeding. When the front moved through with light snow the bite was frenetic. Caught 30+ eyes today on a variety of blades in silver, gold, perch, pink/white whether XPS BASS PRO,, Thinfisher, Damiki, etc. Even changed to Raps and Moonshine Shiver Minnows and contiued to catch. Lake is finally at minimum cold and getting colder to trigger and maintain the HOT "eye bite. Also boated bass, Yellow Perch and White Perch.

bass   daily catch of walleye and perch

November 3, 2017
Earlier on Thursday, my charter with the grounds crew from COR Development: Ron Bush, Scott Pickard, Nate Cushing and Todd Etter scouted the depths for a walleye blade bite. Mid-lake is at 55-56 degrees. We tried 3 areas with differing bottom compositions and although each provided a very good picture all we managed was 1 seventeen inch eye, 7 sheepshead from 7.5- 9.42 #s and 7 perch. Covered as shallow as 14 and as deep as 43 FOW . Thank God for a decent night cast. Caught 12 more eyes with 10 keepers. Anchored in 5 FOW tossing black/Silver Jr. Thundersticks, XRaps and ShadRaps. Finished up with 11 keepers for my crew of four.

Daily catch of walleyes

October 29, 2017
The day blade bite on Oneida is still not where I would like it to be; but improvement is underway. Satirday's charter from 8am to 2pm with Steve Aiello, John "Kid Corbett, Ed Jennings and Brian Mahar (who took my Calculus course at OCC 37 years ago) applied their craft in 20-32 FOW with water temps ranging from 58 to 60 degrees. That's much better than the 63 - 68 I witnessed for the majority of October. We fished way east at buoy 107 to avoid the ferocity of the early morning big east wind. To slow the drift to 0.2-0.4 mph required 5 drift sacks which are 78" at the top and 9" at the bottom. Silver blades r my go to choice for fall since the primary eye diet consists of gizzard shad. Managed to boat 25 eyes to keep 5 ranging from 15 1/4 to 18 1/2. Also added 16 perch from the deep jigging effort and tossed back at least that many. By noon the wind shifted hard south and that required a 6th sack to maintain proper jigging speed. Also changed location to midway back to Fremac Marina. Had two keepers way east and three others at the midway mark. Today's marks disappeared at 32 FOW which by previous fall standards is unusal; but there isn't much usual about this fall. Bring on the cold and the day blading bite will be what we live for each fall.

daily catch of walleyes

October 15, 2017
Well, it's clearly not where the fall walleye jig bite should be on Oneida by this time in October. Blame easily attributed to water temp; a way too warm 66 degree surface temp as of yesterday afternoon. The target to trigger the beginning of walleye mania is low 50s. So whenever we get any response from bottom oriented eyes at this time in the fall season it's a bonus. Left the dock from Fremac Marina at 2:00 pm for my charter yesterday afternoon with Carl Ullman 82 years young, Phil Roe deer processor from Hamilton, NY and house builder Bill Lake from Binghamton, NY. Headed to the depths 38-30 FOW in search of deep perch and bottom hugging eyes. Perch bite ok with many dinks and 14 keepers drifting fatheads and flipping Bass PRO Lazer blades silver and Firetiger. Did manage to boat one limit of eyes... 22, 18, 17 in the depths. Carl's 22 was his first walleye in 82 years. What a great way to begin his eye career! By 6:00pm we had anchored in the shallows for Octobercast. Fished until 7:45pm for one more eye and a smallmouth. Temps for the next 10 days should bring us where we need to be.

walleye   daily catch

September 14, 2017
The grounds management crew from COR Development spent the afternoon with me and capt. Dave Wilson on Lake Ontario out of Oswego. I brought my crew offshore ,600+ and capt. Dave with his crew stayed inshore . Both boats limited in two vastly different venues. Can it get any better than this? Bear Grolling, Joshua Nathan and Mark Merle enjoyed calm seas and active rods. A-TOM-MIK meat, A-TOM-MIK meat rigs , A-TOM-MIK flies and Michigan Stingers kept us busy.

salmon  salmon  catch of salmon

Another Great Day On Lake Ontario With Cathy and Friends ! This Time With Tony Buffa , Bandito III Fishing.

king salmon  salmon  catch of salmon

August 30, 2017
Mucho fun charter this am with Brad Bryan, son Chris Bryan mom Deborah Bryan and Chris's girl friend Biz Brown. Started out like gang busters with 4 for 5 during the first hour; then a steady pick for the remainder of the charter. Caught fish from 60-180 FOW. Brad's 11# steelhead came mid-morning on a diver/A-TOM-MIK MIRAGE FLY and the majority of our 9 for 14 catch came on that same fly.. This was Deb's first salmon outing and I'm sure it won't be her last. Biz, Brad, and Chris are experienced salmon fishermen/fisherwoman and set good example. The photo should have 1 more salmon hanging but a captain error at the dock off loading from the fish box to the cart accounts for the mia salmon.

king salmon  king salmon

king salmon       4 kings

catch of salmon

August 29, 2017
Alan Saulsbury and first timers Breck Aspinwall, John Sickmon, son Garrett, and Gary Shelhamer made up the crew for my morning charter out of OZ. Great rod handling, with an eight for nine landing percentage kept us upbeat for the six hour charter. A quad strike with all landed added to the morning's excitement. A smorgasbord of J-Plugs, A-TOM-MIK meat rigs and flies, mostly Mirage got the job done.

king salmon    catch of kings

August 20, 2017
Friday afternoon Guy Hart, Guy Hart Jr., Dr. Tom Nolan and Kyle Storie joined me for a LAKE ONTARIO charter out of O town as in Oswego. And a very good afternoon it was. 95 - 110 FOW played host to browns, steelhead, coho and king salmon. All of which figured into our catch. Started the afternoon with a tag team of father and son on a 244 diver; then proceeded to pick away the remained of the charter. A-TOM-MIK Meat, spoons and A-TOM-MIK flies kept the crew busy. Guy Hart Sr. boxed his personal best at 27#s.

27 lb. King Salmon      daily catch of salmon

August 19, 2017
The grounds crew from COR Development, Scott Pickard, Cody Lewis, Ezekiel Tull and Todd Etter enjoyed their afternoon on the water and away from the turf. Found a nice mix of one, two and three year old salmon in 250-350 FOW. A-TOM-MIK meat rigs, A-TOM-MIK copper, A-TOM-MIK you see a common denominator here? Fish are everywhere shallow 85-110, 500-600, 250-350,...Lake Ontario at its finest!

salmon   another salmon catch of salmon

August 17, 2017
Rachel Auriemma and her son Justin Auriemma joined us this morning for their charter out of Oswego on Lake Ontario. This was Justin's first salmon outing and he now knows what an adult king feels like on a 500 copper.They boated 9 to keep six and fought two others that bite us off and another broke the swivel at the ball bearing. Rachel's hit the scale around the mid 20s.

king salmon   king

catch of salmon

Tuesday afternoon the McManus family, dad Fred and sons Joe McManus, Peter McManus and Mike McManus kept 7 kings and released 4 other one year olds. A-TOM-MIK meat rigs and a Dreamweaver Martel did the damage in 115 -300 FOW east of OZ.

king salmon   another king

daily catch

August 15, 2017
Plenty of big action this morning at OZ . Salmon have now moved in much shallower than we have been fishing . Worked the current at 140 to 240 FOW and found adult kings feeding on suspended bait . My charter crew of brothers Tom Kane, Jim Kane, both of whom I taught mathematics to at Bishop Grimes 46 years ago, Tom's wife Bernie Wood and Jeff Andrus reeled their way through the morning with 6 adult kings, two teenagers and three one year olds. A-TOM-MIK meat rigs were absolutely on fire. The stud rig with an A-TOM-MIK clear head pictured here worked well on our divers. Still have two slots open for tomorrow afternoon for a salmon charter from 1-7pm @ $160/ person PM me or call (315)4272278 if interested.

king salmon    king

king  catch of salmon

August 14, 2017
Salmon fishing at OZ, as in Oswego on Lake Ontario continues to be excellent . Over the weekend had the pleasure to fish with a former math student of mine, Jim Froio and his crew of Dan Daniel Galloway, James Langsley, Don Berti and DJ David Hiltbrand. They boated four bruisers and we dropped two bigger ones right at the net. Went 9 for 17 and had a barrel full of laughs. Our two biggest went 24.4 and 24.2. Yesterday afternoon, Cornelius Cogswell, Chris Towell, Quincey McClain and Jacob Merenko boarded the BANDITO III and headed to the depths 500 -600 FOW. Had a busy afternoon boating 9 for 15. Chris's 11# ironhead highlighted the excitement. Cornelius had been with us on previous charters; however Q, Jacob and Chris had their first taste of Lake Ontario Salmon fishing and can't wait till the next outing. Need two more anglers to make a party of four on Wednesday August 16, in the afternoon from 1-7pm. Currently have a mother and teenage son looking to share a charter. The cost is $160/person and that includes the tip for the mate. If interested PM me or call (315) 427 2278.

king salmon   catch of salmon

nice king             catch of kings

August 9, 2017
Another morning in the offshore environment . Prohibitively warm water continues to dominate the in shore region and add to that stiff west , southwest and northwest winds to exacerbate an already inshore in turmoil. So off again to 600 FOW in a heavy chop as seen on my live feed from this morning. My charter crew, Ray Kubacki of Oneida fame, his son Alex Kubacki and friend Bob Nimmo bounced and reeled in steady fours with a rogue six to make the troll interesting. Managed to hang on to 6 for 9 and kept 5. The usual spread of meat and spoons distributed across riggers and divers accounted for our fish.

4 king salmon

August 7, 2017
Saturday and Sunday's wind played havoc with the temp profile at OZ on Lake Ontario. My Monday morning charter with Troy Ray McMullen, Tyrell Newton, Amanda Marie, Nicole Marie, John Williams and son Delvontai were greeted with a 48 degree temp with 180 feet of cable in the water at 200 FOW. What to do now? Head mondo beeondo to the depths. Started fishing from 500 to 660 FOW and scored on 11 for 15. Some bait including fish marks kept us motivated. Again A-TOM-MIK MEAT rigs and spoons provided the bites. All kings barring one steelhead made it to the boat.

king salmon       King salmon

King salmon  daily catch of salmon for 8/7/17

August 6, 2017
All I can say "it was a wild one this morning". Needed the right crew to handle the constant fours and the rogue six and sevens. Safety was not an issue since the spacing from crest to crest was in our favor. Punched out to 300' of water Simply because I wanted to find a temperature break that was high in the water column . Indeed that's what I found however lack of bait and fish marks from 300 to 400 made me turn to the South and look at 300 to 200 .And then it began with a triple; middle rigger, rigger one and rigger 3 fired simultaneously and we were in business. Thermocline was down 141, 145, 150 and that's where we spent most of the morning with our Pattern . Divers were set at 333 and 340 with a number one and a 1/2 setting and they fired likewise. Did not run copper today we just didn't wanna deal with-it . 3 A-TOM-MIK MEAT rigs along with 2 moonshine spoons, Green GEANS and Mongolian beef and never needed to switch for the rest of the morning. Was one of those deals where we were very lucky 9 for 9. Jon Suska, Dave Gwozdz ans Mike Messano handled the rods with perfection ...9 for 9.

daily catch of salmon for 08/06/17

August 5, 2017
Well where do I begin? How bout this, "IF IT GETS ANY BETTER, IT CAN'T! Of course I'm referring to the Salmon fishing out of OZ as in OZwego on Lake Ontario. Our charters as well as others have witnessed the finest that fresh water fishing can provide. Through July and now August limit catches are more the rule than the exception. The following are a collection of photos from recent charters. Jim Sollecito NYS award winning local landscaper and world travelled angler along with John Bohm retired school principal, West Genny school district made short order of a King limit. Rick Caruso, dad Pete and Barry Costello followed suit the next morning. Sal Paparone, son Wes Paparone, Mike Howe and son Mike Howe likewise bagged their limit. Ron Hongo, daughter Sharlene Gervaise, husband Ron great-grandson and grandson Noah McCorvey filled the boat as well.

King salmon      more Kings

catch of Kings      another catch of many king salmon

large catch of kings

July 31, 2017
The Hansons from New Haven, CT were vacationing in the Finger Lakes this weekend and inquired about a salmon charter. Little did they realize what awaited them. Howie Hanson Jr., wife Kim and son Shane Hanson boarded the BANDITO III yesterday afternoon at 1:00 pm and rode the rollercoaster out to 500 fow. Barely got setup with the 2nd. rod in the water and the middle rod fires with a Diamond King metallic superman and shortly after Shane had his first ever salmon flopping on tbe deck. It was an afternoon the Hansons will fondly remember for quite awhile... action replete with doubles and even a quad which we filmed FB live. Tossed back a bunch of one olds, a big laker and kept 8 kings with a few in the 20 pound range. Same program as the morning a mix of A-TOM-MIK meat rigs and spoons spread across coppers, divers and riggers.

a boy and his king..salmon that is...  afternoon catch of 8 king salmon

The chew continues. Again this morning the BANDITO III and crew: Stephanie Place, dad Jim Place, Mike Root and son Ryan Root plowed through a two foot chop to the depths (500-600) FOW in search of king salmon and they obliged. Percentage in our favor 11for 15. A-TOM-MIK meat rigs and spoons.

 king salmon        king salmon

                     4 kings

July 30, 2017
Didn't know what to expect this morning after two days off the water especially knowing a combo of north and northeast winds up welled the temperature profile. The surface temperature inshore dropped from 71.4 to 61 degrees. My instincts told me to head west by northwest until the surface reached 71+ and bait pods appeared on my fishfinder. That venture brought me to 400+ FOW and basically spent the rest of the charter from there to 600 and back to 350. My crew of Tom Clegg Sr., Tom Thomas Clegg Jr., Jon Clegg and Dave Degraw had a shot at twenty hookups and boated ten while keeping seven. Again one, two and three year olds factored into the catch...just another indication of a very robust salmonid fishery. A combination of A-TOM-MIK Cannonball meat rigs and Michigan Stinger and Moonshine spoons on riggers, divers and coppers accounted for the catch.

King salmon    King salmon

daily catch of salmon for 7/30/17

July 26, 2017
Well you never know what to expect after a two day blow on the big pond. Yesterday's 20 mph north wind had the potential of disrupting the temperature profile and setting up adverse currents. Left Oswego Marina this morning and headed to the depths 400 to 600 FOW expecting a more stable profile. My charter with the Fox family, Joe senior and junior , Pat, Sam and Ben landed 8 for 12 with 5 adult salmon in the mix. A-TOM-MIK Cannonball meat rigs and Moonshine spoons were the lures of choice.

King salmon  large King salmon

King salmon                 King salmon

                     daily catch of salmon for 7/26/17

July 23, 2017
Sunday morning turned out to be a copy of Saturday morning at OZ. The best picture that i could find was beyond 450 to 650 FOW. No big concentration of bait and fish marks but enough to keep our interest. Fished very cold water today; high rod with spoon at 48 degrees and the rest below. Divers and coppers were in 45 degree water, confirmed by my FISH HAWK TD . Corner riggers were that and below. A-TOM-MIK Cannonball meat rig and mag Moonshine spoons generated our 12 hookups with a catch rate of 50%. My charter of Steve Stephen F Swierczek, Stephen Swierczek, Bryan Swierczek, Ed Priest, James Green and Chris Rurkowski hung tough in the choppy seas at 600 FOW.

big king salmon            another nice king

                       daily catch of salmon for 7/24/17

July 22, 2017
Had a steady morning bite at OZ today on lake . with Darian Palmer, Jeff Allot, Tucker Fuller and Matt Clark. Used a long playground from 400 to 650 to generate the strikes. A-TOM-MIK meat rigs took the lion's share of the catch with a couple coming on spoons. Coppers and divers were much more active than riggers.

4 king slamon   catch of salmon for 7/22/17

July 16, 2017
Sunday was family day aboard the BANDITO III. Matt Wightman , daughter Kinnley, son Cyrus, Zach Brown, son Jameson and Heath Utter spent the morning bouncing in tbe residual seas leftover from Saturday's hard blow. Dads assisted the kids with the thrill of reeling in spirited July Kings.

family catch of salmon          King salmon

On Sunday afternoon the Gasparinis treated their dad Gary Gasparini of the Gasparini Companies to his Father's Day gift. Tom Gasparini with Kala Marie, Scott Gasparini and Stephen Gasparini joined forces to battle the mighty Ontario kings. This has been a family tradition since the boys where pre-teens. They went 6 for 10 on a mix of one, two and three year old kings.

afternoon catch of salmon

July 14, 2017
Action + this morning on the BANDITO lll at OZ. Left Oswego Marina at 5:45 am and anticipated a much higher temp break in the water column due to yesterday's stiff NE wind. Found the break from low 50s to high 40s at 75 feet. Yesterday it was around 115. My charter with dad and grandad Alan Saulsbury, Eric Saulsbury, Jackson Saulsbury and Patrick McNamara included 16 hookups for 11 landed with 10 kings and one ironhead . We had a steady pick of hits from 160 to 400 FOW. Great rod handling skills today. Paulie even saved one wrapped around the downrigger cable.

king salmon          King salmon nice king salmon     daily catch of king salmon

July 12, 2017
Yesterday morning, Jimmy Lowery, Jim James Kane, Tom Kiefer, former Bishop Grimes students of mine from 1969 and Ihor Mychajlonka enjoyed a calm, warm troll for kings at OZ. Again, the new A-TOM-MIK Cannonball meat rig and glo hammer fly got the job done in 200 to 270 FOW. Tom Keifer's wire shot king was the biggest of the day . We ended up 6 for 12.

large king salmon                daily catch of salmon

July 11, 2017
Another good morning of salmon fishing at OZ. Went west out of the harbor and set-up in 160 fow. By the time we made it to 320 four kings already hit the deck. Drc Jean surprised her boyfriend Jason Bisson with a Lake Ontario charter for his birthday. For first-timers to salmon fishing on the big water they demonstrated exceptional skill handling these kings with a perfect 6 for 6 landing score. Once again all A-TOM-MIK ! The Cannonball meat rig especially pictured here tore em up. Please excuse the wrong camera orientation for the video. I had a cancellation come in for Saturday, Sunday July 22, 23. If interested in a charter contact me.

salmon and lure  Fish on!

daily catch of salmon for 7/11/17

July 10, 2017
Had my first charter this morning on the big O since spring and it came as advertised. Indeed the eastern basin of Lake Ontario is playing host to king salmon; and an impressive number of them are adults. Kevin Poyfair, son Brady Poyfair and friend Aaron Kennedy played tug-o-war with these denizens of the deep. Strikes came anywhere from 120 to 160 dependent on trolling direction. Our two best strike producers were the A-TOM-MIK stud and Cannonball rig fished with meat. Spent most of our trolling time in 210 to 270 fow.

King salmon  3 Kings

daily catch of salmon for 7/10/17

July 9, 2017
Completed my last charter of the summer on Oneida this morning with Kyle Thompson, dad Tracy Thompson, Bill William Steinert alias Castro, Randy Olsen and Brent Aylesworth. Decided to forego the deep water jigging and instead fish the 12 to 9 feet weeds with my spinner/worm rigs and bullet weights. Not a slamfest but we did pick away at the eyes while having fun with the by catch of perch, sunnies, pickerel and sheepshead. Did manage to boat 16 eyes to keep 12. A very big THANK YOU to all who fished with me this Spring on both Oneida and Ontario; and also to those who tried but couldn't find a compatible date. I will return to Oneida for my Fall push in Oct/Nov. when the eye and perch fishing is some of the best of the season. Smart to book now if contemplating an outing. From now through September I'll be on my Ontario boat (BANDITO III) trolling for salmon and trout.

daily catch of walleye for 07/09/17

July 6, 2017
Fun evening with Rob Peanutbuttercup Resch, Christopher Scheer and Stephen Peltz. Tried the weeds to no avail so quickly moved out to the high 30's and 40's. Rob landed the best of the night there with a 3.02# eye on a 5/8 oz. XPS LAZER BLADE silver. Did put in another keeper but not enough on the screen to keep me put. Needed structure to close out the evening. Fished a 20 to 32 drop and put 5 good perch and 5 more keeper eyes in the box. — with Stephen Peltz.

daily catch of walleyes for 7/6/17

July 5 2017
Interesting morning charter with Willie Palluti and Keith Henderson. After hearing about yesterday's walleye bloodbath at buoy 117 and the mega school with both suspended and bottom oriented fragments, I couldn't wait to get my crew into the action. Well I can guarantee you this about walleyes, "THEY ALL EAT, SH@* AND SWIM. To my dismay, that massive school no longer remained denizens of 117. I looked at every direction within a quarter to half mile of that area and just wasn't satisfied with the picture. So off to midway between 115 and 113 to drift in depths ranging as shallow 30 and deep as 38 fow. Jigged with blades, raps, shiver minnow moonshines and jig/worm for just a few undersized perch. Thankfully our drifted spinner worm combos put a couple decent eyes on-board. Picked up, ran back to the West and set the drift up in 35 FOW, south of 117. Caught a pair of keeper perch. Then hooked what we thought was either a big cat, sturgeon or a monster sheepshead. 45 mins. later, Keith got the sturgeon within site and we captured segments of all of this on FB live on my page right up to the point where we let it go while in the water. Estimated conservatively 60# and maybe more. Keith did a great job on the rod especially knowing that he fought that fish on 8# Power PRO and 10# XPS Bass Pro fluorocarbon leader tied with a surgeon's knot. To top it off Keith comes up with the quote of the day; "I JUST CAUGHT A STURGEON NOW I NEED A SURGEON ". After all of that excitement it was back to the purpose of the charter...EYE fishing. Went a little deeper and found a pocket of eyes and ended up with 7 KEEPERS. Definetly fun people and a fun morning!

Estimted 60 Lb Sturgeon   Daily catch of walleyes for 7/5/17

June 30, 2017
Fished with Jim Froio, his nephew Tyler, and DJ David Hiltbrand this morning on Oneida. Jim was a math student of mine at OCC many years ago. Little to no wind but did find a good collection of eyes in 34 to 26 FOW. Tossed spinners and worms, jigs/worm, XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES, itiger blade, jigging Raps and Moonshine Shiver Minnows. Tally for the outing was 21 boated walleyes to keep 6 and a few yellow perch.

daily catch of walleyes for 6/30/17

June 22, 2017
EYE needed vindication and got it tonight. My charter with West Genny head lacrosse coach Mike Messere, local award winning landscaper and world travelled angler Jim Sollecito and Cornell assisant head wrestling coach Damion Hahn put the exclamation point on non-stop action. Boated 31 eyes to keep the boat limit of 12. Finally, a very good bucktail jig bite as well as plenty of blade action. The ICP jig and the firetiger blade tore em up. The early photo with plenty of light was taken at 7:30pm when we were 6 keepers with 7 throw-backs the latter was with our limit of 12 with 19 throw-backs. Add a big cat and several perch and you have an Oneida fish fest. Most were caught in 19 to 28 FOW.

walleyes  walleyes

June 21, 2017
Definetly a tougher bite on Oneida than what I had through all of May and the first half of June. Burning more gas, walleyes more scattered, fish more depths and clearly working more to make it happen. Spent the morning with Bernie Barnes and Steve Ferrucci both new to jigging and within one hour both had the technique perfectly under control. Landed a mixed bag of eyes, smallmouth, pumpkinseeds and sheepshead. Bernie's 21 inch eye hit the scales at 3.77 # and Steve's 20.5 inch eye came in at 3.1 #.

bass       walleye

                       daily catch of walleyes for 6/21/17

June 17, 2017
Kevin Poyfair and son Brady Poyfair met me this morning for a 5:30 M start. Little did we know that tight lipped eyes would for the most part frustrate us all morning. Only managed two keeper eyes but they were good ones, seeing that Kevin and Brady had never caught one before today and came in at 22 and 19 inches respectively. A few pickerel, a northern a sheepie and a couple panfish rounded out the catch.

walleye      walleye

June 16, 2017
This morning's charter on Oneida Lake began with a series of wrong choices. Spots that had been walleye hangouts earlier in the week simply didn't show much on the fish finder. So after four different locations, yielding only a channel cat and a smallmouth i decided to look at stained water in the shallows. Finally game on. An abundance of junevile perch helped keep the eyes interested. Sat Khalsa and Jeffrey A. Smith kept me busy with net duty. The "the lure du jour" XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADE SILVER 5/8 oz.

daily catch of walleye for 061617

A thank you goes out to Capt. Paul Nagle and mate Jeff for running my Lake Ontario charter at OZ this morning while I chartered on Oneida. Their crew of Skip Vezzetti, Lenny Amberger and Kurt tolerated the bumpy seas and managed some retribution with a mix of some nice spring fish typical of OZ. A-TOM-MIK secret green fly and a collection of Michigan Stingrays a la alwife series did the damage in 120 to 225 fow just west of the harbor.

nice salmon  another nice salmon

lake trout  daily catch for lake ontario

June 13, 2017
Lady Oneida started with an attitude this morning right out of the shoot. Little to no drift, few marks and no takers. Made the decision to fish the channel (north of the buoy line) in 38 fow partly because of the recurring midge hatch and the search for any wind tunnel. The wind did oblige and eventually required a 3 bag complement to slow the drift to 0.3 - 0.4 mph. Long drifts, some lulls, pockets of eyes here and there, no big schooling and a crew of Dennis Marr, Ed Marr, Dave Eannetta, John Abington from Memphis, TN and Dale Spencer that bladed their way to 19 eyes with 13 keepers. Ed's 3.62# eye was the biggest. The silver XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADE 5/8 oz. took the lion's share.

nice walleye   Daily catch of walleye for 6/13/17

June 11, 2017
Very stubborn bite this morning for my crew of John Whitenight, Rich Vanderwege and son Steve Vanderwege. Fished from Shaks Point all the way to buoy 130 with drifts at depths ranging from 20 to 38 fow using blades, jig/worm, jigging Rap with a leech on a dead stick and a variety of colors to boat 6 keeper eyes. Best depth was 28 fow with the BASS PRO XPS LAZER BLADE firetiger 5/8 oz. Had the best picture in 32 to 33 fow but what we saw there didn't want to play. Steve's pair of 19s were the best of the outing.

nice walleye  daily catch of walleye for 6/10/17

June 8, 2017
Fishing Charter part 2: My crew from yesterday, Gene Heck, Ed Stuart, Wayne Crawford and Don Schauer met me at Fremac Marina at 5:30 am to give it another go. This time we didn't wait till 9:30 am to ice the first eye. Ed and Don obliged with two keepers within the first ten mins. The rest of the charter was a slow pick with long, tortoise type drifts. Little to no wind all morning necessitated patience an confidence in the drift. Thr tally for their effort was 19 walleyes netted to keep 11, five yellow perch and one burbot. My power pack of blades pictured here have been my choices this spring. Once again my poor camera aim only picked up a portion of a walleye tail at the extreme left of the photo.   

daily catch of walleyes for 6/8/17   lures used

June 7, 2017
Tough start to my charter this morning. Not an eye in the boat by 9:30 am. Left Fremac Marina at 6:00 am and headed west in anticipation to fish locations I hadn't checked yet this season. Although the marks were there the attitude wasn't. Finally found a pocket of eyes and yellow perch in a short stretch of 31 FOW and my crew of Wayne Crawford, Ed Stuart, Don Schauer and Gene Heck boated 16 walleyes keeping 8 and a dozen yellow perch by noon.

daily catch of walleyes for 6/7/17

June 4, 2017
My crew from yesterday of Dr.Chris Buff, son Dan, daughter Sarah Libertucci and son-in-law Mark Libertucci were back at it again today. Lady Oneida greeted us with a medium NE wind at 6 mph, overcast sky and impending rain in the forecast , You would think it was ideal for a shallow bite. NOT! Didn't get bit till we ventured to 36 FOW. Today's catch fell a couple keepers short of yesterday's standard. Although we boated 10 keepers two off the pace from yesterday; we did handle more with 17 shorts.

daily catch of wallyeys for june 4, 2017

June 3, 2017
Met my charter this morning at 5:30 at Fremac Marina and the smell of fish was in the air. An overcast sky, southwest breeze, light rain and an upbeat crew. Dad, Dr. Chris Buff, son Dan, daughter Sarah and son-in-law Mark Libertucci started with a quick bite in shallow 16 to 20 FOW and landed 5 keeoer eyes, 2 shorts, 2 mega smallmouths and then the skylight busted through and that party ended as quickly as it started. Our hot item was the Gold XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADE 5/8 oz. Then the big wind came and we tucked inside of Briggs Bay for some protection and managed one more keeper eye there and a few perch. Needed to leave the shallows and tolerate the wind. So out to 35 to 31 FOW, 5 drift sacks to slow the drift to 0.4mph and that's all it took to get their limit of eyes. Best fish was 19 1/8 with a pair of 18s to back that up. Gold was clearly the dominant color today. Found perch and shad in their bellies. There are 11 eyes in the picture because of my poor camera work.

daily catch of walleyes for June 3, 2017

May 31, 2017
Left the dock at the usual time of 5:30 am this morning with my charter from PA ;only to face unsettled conditions, approaching storms and a medical concern for one of the crew. Decided it would be best to reschedule their charter, avoid the wait time for the storm to pass and attend to the crew member's malaise. In the mean time personal friends Rich Bolster aka Homer and Bill Muckey also got blown in by the storm so we decided to get some breakfast and head back out in my boat to do some research and get some eyes for the Buffa household . By the time we returned to the marina, pumped out a sinking boat tied up in one of the slips and headed back out it was 10:30 am. Three hours later, four locations, gold and silver XPS LAZER BLADES 5/8 oz. and we put number 9 eye in the boat along with 8 perch. Sampled water as deep as 38 and as shallow as 16. By no means was this a slamfest but we did take fish at each location.

daily catch of walleyes

May 30, 2017
A special shout out to Capt.Paul Nagle and retired Capt.Gerry Bresadola who are running the BANDITO III for me while I'm busy with walleye charters on Oneida Lake. Steven Decker, Doug Bliss, Greg Behnke and Jeff Jordan kept the reels turning during their morning charter over the Memorial Day weekend. Browns and Lakers kept them engaged. Browns in close 12 to 20 fow on Smithwicks and spoons and lakers out deep 140.

daily catch of brown trout  nice brown trout

May 26, 2017
You can take this bit of info to the bank or just ignore it and miss out on an opportunity to put Oneida eyes in the boat on a mist driven rainy day accompanied with moderate fog and very little wind. My charter this morning with Rick Liddiard, Molly Reed, Alex Fletcher and Greg Lee boated 30 eyes to keep 14; with 80% of the catch coming on the itiger blade by After blading in the 20s and teens I decided to look at a 38 to 32 drop that has been very good over the years for this time of the season. The pucture was good and so was the bite.

hot lure for walleye   Daily catch of walleye

May 24, 2017
Walleye Fishing continues to be very good to excellent on Oneida Lake despite the abundance of the invasive ROUND GOBY. Adult "Eyes" are feeding on their usual prey, 2 inch yellow perch and 2 inch emerald shiners (buckeyes); whereas young of the year and one year old walleyes as well as yellow perch are feasting on baby gobies. In my opinion, this harmony within the food chain bolsters an already respected and porductive Oneida walleye fishery. Last night, due to a miscommunication in my charter scheduling I had the opportunity to spend sometime on the water with Dave Klock and his son Dominick. Left Fremac Marina at 5:00 pm and headed to the outer Lakeport shoal where it drops sharply into the 30s. No wind, very good fish marks and a slow bite with some small perch a short eye and a 20 incher which I handed to Dominick to enjoy. Shortly after Dominick returned to shore to meet his mom Dave and I planned on being in position for the later bite. I threw a white bucktail to mimic a buckeye and Dave tossed a silver blade. 21 eyes later we had the remaining 5 keepers for our two man limit.

walleye          2 walleyes 

                   daily catch of walleyes

May 20, 2017
Fished with Casey Coughlin and son Ryan Coughlin this morning in search of Oneida Lake walleyes. They needed a confidence builder. Their past season, jigging blades and bucktail jigs simply didn't live up to their expectations. Spent the first half hour of our charter watching their technique and suggested a few adjustments in reading slack line , jigging stroke and retrieving loose line after each lift/drop effort. All they needed next was that first hook up and then it was let's get ready to rumble for the rest of the charter. They each boated their limits with a bunch of shorts and some nice yellow perch as well. I even managed a limit.

daily catch of walleyes

May 17, 2017
Couldn't ask for a nicer evening to captain an Oneida Lake walleye charter. Left Fremac Marina at 5:15 pm with the temperature around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and returned at 8:15 pm after boating 19 eyes to keep 13. Walleye Ray Florczyk, son John Florczyk, Steve Peltz and son Stephen Peltz jigged the depths to hook into their limits. Even I managed to land one keeper. Fished my usual spots near the Marina to no avail. Needed to leave Dodge and find a more fertile bottom. Located a concentration on a 40 to 30 drop and then it was game on.

daily catch of walleye

May 16, 2017
Some quality eyes today for the Martinez family charter. One 20", two 19.5"and three 18". Manny Martinez, Mike Martinez and Mike junior jigged up 8 plump eyes and 24 yellow perch during my morning charter. Covered a lot of landscape to find the 8 eyes. Took some as shallow as 26 and as deep as 39. All fish came on the silver and the FIRETIGER XPS BASS PRO Lazer blades 5/8 OZ. Perch bellies were full; eyes empty. Stomach contents included young perch and buckeyes.

daily catchof walleyes

May 15, 2017
Oneida wind finally backed off sufficiently last night from 6:00 pm on for me to safely run my charter out of Fremac Marina. Eyes were scattered from 23 into 14 FOW across the bottom for long drifts. No big school bite. Just a steady pick with the silver and FIRETIGER XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES 5/8oz. David Soulier, Megan Marie, Eric Saulsbury and Stephen Peltz bounced and jigged into darkness for one shy of their limit.

large walleye pike      daily catch of walleyes

May 13, 2017
Ontario continues to entertain her anglers in OZ. Browns, Lakers, Steelhead and now kings. Thursday, Friday and Saturday have yielded spectacular catches across the board for charter captains as well as anglers at large. Consistent weather pattern, water temp in the 50s and a robust presence of young alewives combine for the very best angling opportunity that OZ can offer. Thanks to Capt. Paul Nagle and retired charter capt. Gerry Bresadola for running my Friday charter with Skip Vezetti, James Dean and Lenny Armburger while I was busy chasing eyes on Oneida. Back at the helm Saturday morning I greeted my charter of Kevin Poyfair, son Brady and John Clute with expectations of another successful day of angling; and that it was. Two limits of 8 Browns, 1 robust domestic rainbow and 6 Lakers kept the rods and the crew busy through the morning.

large brown trout   several nice browns

morning daily catch of browns, lakers & a steelhead

another daily catch of browns & lakers

May 11, 2017
An all round great morning at OZ. A limit of 15 Browns plus 5 Lakers for my party of Stu Reeves, Seward Neill, Spike Holmes, Bob Hariott and Ken Wright. Fished east of the harbor 10 to 20 FOW with riggers at 6, 7, 9, boards dressed with SMITHWICKS flatlined and 1 color, 1.5 color cores. Ran 9 rods with all positions active. UV Seasick Waddler by was the hot item.

lake trout  lake trout

brown trout        several brown trout

daily catch of lake and brown trout

May 9, 2017
Gordon Nickerson, Billy Haskell and Ron Stockton joined me this morning for a 6 hour walleye charter on Oneida. Very slow pick today. We boated 8 eyes ranging from 15 1/4 to 19 inches and 8 yellow perch with two hog smallmouth as well. Perch pattern blades dominated in the strike category. Preferred depth ranged from 21 to 27 FOW. All fish were taken West of Fremac Marina. All but one has empty stomachs. Just not in a feeding mood today. Grateful for what we caught. Gordon deftly landed two perch on the XPS Lazer Blade FIRETIGER.

perch   daily catch of walleyes

May7, 2017:
Sometimes it's just a matter of good luck. Had the game plan all mapped for my first walleye charter on Oneida for the 2017 season. Got to Fremac marina at 4:00 am anticipating a 5:15am start but was greated by Howl'n Wolf from the Northeast. So first set back is a 1 hour delay before we can reasonably leave the dock within safety parameters. Planned destination to the West resulted in a 2nd. set back. Now I'm just looking for a protected spot from the east northeast chop to accommodate drifting and jigging. So east of the marina in 18 to 15 fow is my choice and that put the majority of the 20 eyes in the boat. The remainder came in 25 to 28 fow. My crew of Chris Bender, Dave Ringer, Dan Peck, Brian Peck and Mike Peck hung tough despite the driving rain and blustery wind. Boated 20, kept our limit of 18 . No tanks, biggest 19.5, majority 16 to 17. All blades imitating the yellow perch in their stomachs.

daily catch of wallyeyes  contents of wallyeyes stomachs

April 29, 2017
Limited on Browns and Lakers this morning for my party of Dave and Penny Wightman and son-in-law Heath Utter. OZ has most assuredly kicked it up a notch this week. If the mud water continues to lessen the best is yet to come. Boated 15 Browns by 7:30 am; released the smaller ones without even using the net. Spoon bite continues to reign. Cores 1, 1.5, 2 color and riggers 6, 8 10 very active this morning. Michigan Stingers, spoons in natural tones took the lion's share of the strikes. Moved to the 140-150 feet line to rub-a-dub-dub for Lakers and liked what I saw. Continuous bait stacked from bottom to 25 feet above bottom. Surprised we even caught any Lakers with that much available forage. Penny took big fish honors with a 10+# Laker. Barring any disruptive wind, OZ is about to be fish filthy.

Lake trout   daily catch of browns & lakers

April 27, 2017
Another morning at OZ; this time with Mike Heller, Jim Froio and Dan Daniel Galloway and OZ obliged. For a change of venue and in an effort to fish gin clear water we took a hard left at the lighthouse and headed West. Predominant temp was 42 degrees with an occasional pocket of 45. All hits came in the warmer areas and our best producers were black and silver spoons and the firetiger Smithwick. Cores in 1, 1.5 and 2 color out performed the rest of our 9 rod spread. The two Lakers 30.25" and 32.5" came at 140.

large laekrs & browns    daily catch of lake & brown trout

April 26, 2017
Turbidity reading in the Oswego River topped 40 this morning; yesterday it was down to 16.53 degree water pouring through the inner cut at Fort Ontario exerted influence all the way to Four Mile Point and stretched to 70 fow. We elected to go east of the harbor and fish the temperature differential along the color break. Managed to grind out 5 good size Browns and a stray laker. Stu Reeves, Seward Neill, Marty Collins and John Case all from B'ville enjoyed their morning winding and grinding. Seward' s laker measured 31". Mostly spoon bite on cores and riggers. Take a look at the spoons. The glo seasick waddler has performed well in the murky water.

lake trout        daily catch of lake and brown trout

April 24, 2017
Fished this weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Cold rain, stiff NW wind at 10 to 15 knots and a relentless 2 to 3 foot chop challenged us all day. It was a real grind on Saturday. 4 for 7 on Browns in the morning with Bill Campbell's 9# highlighting the catch. Saturday afternoon the cold and wind persisted and the bite did not improve my crew of Bob Mckinstry Dan DeBlock and Craig Centrelli boxed 5 for 6. Sunday morning came with a calm Lake Ontario, clear skies and another tough brown bite in OZ. Managed only two Browns and did get the limit if Lakers.

pic of brown trout  pic of brown trout

catch of 4 brown trout          daily catch of browns & lakers

Aprol 21, 2107
Mixed bag this morning with weather and fish. Wind went from south to southwest to northwest, wet to dry to heavy fog necessitating instrument navigation back to the harbor. Overall catch included a 12# Atlantic, 4 browns and three lakers. Our crew of dad, Michael Barbour sons, Alec Barbour and Daniel Barbour and friend Dan Sky enjoyed the morning at OZ . One color cores, riggers dressed with spoons were busy in 13 to 20 fow east of the harbor.

Atlantic salmon       daily catch of borwns & lakers

April 19, 2017
Another day, another charter, another good bite. Left the dock at Oswego Marina with my crew of Bill Brod, Kirk Wardell, William C. McKee and Jeff Emhoff at 6:00 am this morning. Stiff South and Southwest winds at 18 to 25 knots changed the inshore profile enough to provide fishable murky water just east of the harbor. Spent most of the trolling effort in 10 to 15 fow with an occasional excursion out to 25. Used a mix of Michigan Stingers, spoons and Smithwicks. One color core rods were busy today as well as riggers. BIG FISH William C. McKee landed our best Brown on a hybridlures glo seasick waddler and Bill Brod landed our only Steelhead. Tally for the day was 9 boated for 15 on.

brown trout  daily catch of browns

April 18, 2017
Some days the plan just comes together as anticipated. Left the dock at 6:00 am and motored east of OZ. NE wind at 8 to 10 knots provided a tight two to two an half chop. Setup in the murky water at Four Mile and decided to continue the troll to the east, figuring the NE push would at some point bring cleaner water to mix with the mud hole and create both a nice temperature change and a blend of green water. Riggers loaded with Stingers, trolling spoons in UV finishes, boards with one color lead also with spoons and remaining board rods with SMITHWICKS. Dr. Victor Rodriguez, Stu Reeves and Lynn Cayward patiently watched the 9 rod spread and then it was game on when the port one color lead dressed with a UV Dolphin Stinger fired and put a nice 6# Brown in the boat. Two doubles, two triples, a steady pick of singles and a body count of 15 for 19 to keep their limit of 9 and we were outta there and off to Laker land. The Brown laying on the deck chewed one of our prime time players the Hybrid Lures UV Wonderbread. With an hour and a half remaining I figured an easy limit of Lakers. Not in the cards today. Two hookups, one laker later and it was a wrap. Lakers remained tight lipped.

pic 3 brown trout   pic-fish on!

brown trout w/lure  daily catch of brown trout & 1 laker

April 17, 2017
Last charter report on FB was on Tuesday, April 11. Since then I ran charters on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week. Here is a summary of what transpired. Wednesday's charter blew away with the wind. Prohibitive gusts 20 to 25 out of the NW exacerbated an already terrible mix of shoreline conditions. Muddied water due to flooding now subjected to a pounding by NW wind left us with very little option both east and west of OZ. Trolled at Bayshore and Burt Point to no avail and then made the decision to settle for Lakers and they in turn were no easy pick either. My crew of Ray Kubacki Heather Kubacki Julia Kubacki Alex and Jake Kubacki and friend Sunny hung tough with a handful of lakers. On Friday conditions remained the same and my crew of Geoff Reck George Reck, Eric Beasley Jeremiah Renk Chris and Chris Wines boated one brown and 4 lakers. Conditions improved on Saturday and Steve Weld, Rich Ludington, Greg Polge Fish Man and Tom Beaudoin landed 5 browns in 9 to 17 fow from Four Mile Point to Bayshore. By 10:00am that bite stopped so off to laker land 130 fow off the 5 stacks and rub-a-dub-dub with SS BLADES and Fireplugs.

pic large lake trout   pic-lake trout

pic another lake trout  proup pic of lake trout

daily catch of brown and lake trout

April 11, 2017
Found a pocket of BROWNS this morning east of Oswego Harbor in 7 to 15 fow. Water stain was much improved over the last two days with a surface temperature of 46 degrees . A mix of spoons Hybrid Lures and sticks Smithwicks got the job done. Went 8 for 12 on the BROWNS then later in the charter slid out to 130-140 to rub-a-dub-dub for LAKERS and boated 5 for 10. My crew of Steve Stephen F Swierczek Steve Sweirczek Jr. Brian Swierczek, Chris Rurkowski, Mitchell Carey and Josh Hass hung tuff after a,slow start and then got in the game by starting with a triple . Mitch took the biggest Brown and Stephen F Stephen F Swierczek took the largest Laker.

brown trout          Lake trout

                  daily catch of brown & lake trout

April 10, 2017
Eric Saulsbury Christopher Scheer and Stephen Peltz shared a Lake Ontario Charter with me and mate Stephen Shen aboard the Bandito III out of Oswego Marina By 7:30 we boated 3 browns on stickbaits and a Michigan Stinger Pickle Seed . Stephen's 20.96 pound Brown is the largest that has ever hit the deck in my 43 years as a,charter capt. It was 33 " long with a girth of 23. By 10:00 am no more Brown bites so we headed out to laker land and by noon boated 6 lakers to add to our catch. Lakers came in 130 to 140 fow east of the harbor. Since last week's rain and subsequent flooding it's been a tough inshore bite. Due to excessive turbidity. Today the mud stain showed some translucency. Continued water stain improvement will usher in our typically very good Brown bite.

Catch of a huge Brown Trout 20.96 lbs, 33" long

daily catch of Brown Trout for 41017

2016 Catches

November 18, 2016
Well it's a wrap. My 2016 charter season is now in the books. Nasty weather from Sunday through Thursday will close the door on the rest of my scheduled November. Grateful to share this final charter with John Hassion aka FISH ON JOHN, Todd Kaley, Brett Wood, Brad Falter and Jeremy Mohat. Definitely a pre-storm bite. Boated 53 to keep our limit of 18. We mixed it up today XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES silver, gold, itiger and confusion blades from Way east 38 fow. Eyes are schooling and feeding. Water is still 48.8. By now it should be 43 and lower. If it where this schooling would have occurred much earlier in the month. Would like to thank all of you who have made this past charter season a very busy and satisfying adventure for me. Stay safe and have a successful ice-season.

November 17, 2016
Put in a full afternoon with Adam Szymanski, Joe Campanino and Mark Pelletier. Found a packed school of eyes in 38 FOW and they wanted to play. We boated 33 eyes to keep our limit of 12 and a bonus of 10 yellow perch as well. All taken on the XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADE 5/8 oz Silver. That lure has reigned this fall with walleyes gorging on gizzard shad. With a picture like that on my Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch you just know you're in the house. Season's winding down for me . One more charter tomorrow and then pull the boat Saturday. That nasty Canadian Clipper pushing our way for Sunday through next week has forced me to cancel the rest of the month. Hope they bite again tomorrow for my crew.

daily catch of walleyes     fish finder view

November 12, 2016
Another good day at the office. John Anatrella and Kevin Wolken met me at the dock by 11:00 am. It took a good 45 mins before I found any collection of bottom marks. In the meantime the west wind began to crank for a perfect walleye chop. Eyes were shallower today. 25 to 31 and in three drifts we had our limits. All on the XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES silver 5/8 oz Then spent the better part of 2.5 hours for two keeper perch. Thank God this wasn't a perch charter.

daily catch of walleye

November 10, 2016
Walleye deep bite back on again. Strong south west wind yesterday notwithstanding my crew of Cody Lewis, Mark Krypel and Todd Etter begin the afternoon charter with a 2 for 23 walleye haul on the north shore in 45 fow . Way too many small eyes so we decided to vacate that area and look for another grouping on the south shore. The wind redoubled and found fishable water inside Dutchmans in 18 to 19 fow pitching blades and picking a mix of dink perch and some nice 10 to 12's. By 4:00 the wind subsided enough to return to a deep water effort. Found a few bottom targets in 31 fow NE of Dutchmans and in 45 minutes boated another 6 keepers and 4 shorts. Silver XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES 5/8 oz took the lion's share of the catch with the itiger blade by taking the rest. Looks windy through the weekend. Not sure if it will be fishable.

daily catch

November 5, 2016
Third consecutive day in the "popcorn machine". Lady "o" has been blowing at a,steady 15 mph . On the flip side of that punishment we've been rewarded with some decent catches. Again today my crew of Stephen Peltz , Eric Saulsbury and Chris Scheer managed their limit plus my one along with a nice mess of perch. Silver XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES 5/8 oz dominated. Makes sense...the eyes are feasting on shad. Kudos to Stephen Peltz and Chris Scheer for their start up charity organization CNY's Reel Big Charity to bring fishing to disadvantaged children. Mickeys Bait and Tackle and Capt. Tony Buffa's Fishing Charters have become sponsors; and they are inviting anyone else to help their cause.

perch daily catch of walleyes

November 4, 2016
Jim Froio, Mike Heller and DJ David Hiltbrand met me dockside at 9:30 this morning properly attired to face a cranking lady "o" . Oneida was not first the timid today WNW at steady 15mph with gusts well beyond . The bite started slowly but by 12:30 it was,game on. Silver XPS BASS PRO SHOP LAZER BLADES silver and gold were what they wanted. Perch and eyes gorging on shad but still on the prowl. Ended up with a complete limit of 12 eyes and 13 perch. 36 fow in a very short drift yielded the bulk of our catch.

perch   walleye

daily catch

November 3, 2016
My afternoon crew of Dave Middlemore, Scott Pickard and Todd Etter limited on their eyes and I added my one to the photo. Nice to see some consistency to the bite. Same three lures as yesterday. Silver, Gold XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES 5/8 oz and the itiger blade from Again 38 to 32 fow; but much longer drifts today. Big wind from NW challenged our jigging but my crew adjusted and got er done. Been a very good week so far hope it carries through the weekend.

perch     small mouth bass  daily catch

November 2, 2016
Absolute insane bite this morning with the Esposito family. Paul Esposito, Dake, Garrett and dad Paul . Left the dock at 9:30 and by noon boated around 30 eyes to keep their limit and mine. Most aggressive bite so far this fall. Lures of choice were the Bass Pro SHOP'S XPS LAZER BLADES, Silver and Gold and the itiger from 32 fow was the preferred depth. Friends fishing in a companion boat also limited and Bill Muckey took the catch of the day honors with this 25 1/2 inch bruiser. Bring on the cold; the shad will begin to die off and the "eye" bite will get crazy.


lures         daily catch 

October 31, 2016
Deep water fall bite improving by the day. Oneida is now in that fall transition from that October stubbornness to the consistency that we have experienced each November. Tammy and Gary DeCarr, Kathy and Mark Sanzotta fished Oneida for their first time and are already planning on next fall's outing We boated 37 walleyes to keep 7. Majority boated were in that 14 to 14 1/2 range. Also picked at the yellow and white perch. Typical fall east end bite. Found them in 30 to 27 FOW. itiger blade and BASS PRO XPS LAZER Blade gold were the top producers. Weather permitting, I will be out for the next 12 days straight and if this pattern holds. The school should become larger by day. Gary's 20 inch eye was the leader of the pack.

afternoon catch

Had the pleasure to fish with John Whitenight and Rich Vanderweghe. We ground out a single limit of eyes, 14 perch, put back another dozen eyes in the 14 inch range while fishing no shallower than 31 fow. Gave the new blade baits from a solid workout and they did not disappoint. The itiger and rad shad put some nice perch in the boat and Rich's 20 1/4 inch eye was the highlight of the day. Also enjoyed my new RS NET from i1baits . Non tangle and nonpenatrating basket are a huge improvement over other nets. Telescoping non slip handle is accommodating as well. Expect the daytime jig bite to finally kick in now that the water temp is finally at 50 degrees.

small perch     perch  walleye     catch of perch  fishing net

October 19, 2016
Deep water blade bite a little better this afternoon. FINALLY a few keeper eyes, bunch of shorts, some good perch, sheepies and of course the requisite gobies. 38 fow NW wind into 32 fow . Bass PRO XPS LAZER BLADES GOLD were the ticket today as well as fatheads on the deadsticks.

daily catch of perch and walleyes

October 9, 2016
Dave Otto and brother-in-law Hank chartered with me yesterday during the rain, east wind and an active perch and sheepshead bite. Boated 80 perch kept 50 mostly on Mike Yarema perch pattern 1/2 oz and BASS PRO XPS LAZER BLADES 5/8 oz Gold. 26 fow roughly 1/4 mile. drift. Did catch a,bunch on fatheads but more,on blades. No eyes yet.

perch   daily catch of perch

September 5, 2016
The Ross family dad Ron , sons Rick, Rod, Randy and grandson Dave Ross fished with us Sunday morning and went four for eight on Salmon. Randy's hog came in just under 30#. All the usual suspects A-TOM-MIK UV190, Shredded B fin glo, green Secret flies fished with spinnies and chips 80-70 fow.

a nice rainbow            another nice king    a beautiful king salmon weighing just shy of 30 lbs total catch of 4 fish

September 4, 2016
Glenn Correll, son Mike Mtl Correll and Joe Joseph Hotaling fished with us Saturday morning and went 3 fires 4 on Salmon. Our best app has been the A-TOM-MIK SHREDDED BIG FIN GLO and green Secret Fly with either green green dot Spinny or white mtn dew chip. in the afternoon Curt Crossin, Eric Roberts, and John Roberts went 4for 4 with a 28 # in the mix. Again all on the same items.

salmon large salmonaverage salmon

king salmon  large kingbig king  king salmon

September 2, 2016
On Wednesday Rich Richard Clawson, Jim Best and Ron Smith braved a nasty chop out of the west south west for the better part of a 10 hour outing. They did not give in and neither did we. After hours of trolling without a hit, rigger 3 fires at 5:00 pm only to come back with a mangled meat rig down 85 over 105 fow. Sometimes all u need is that first contact for critical information (speed, direction, depth, item). I call it the confidence strike. The same item fired again at 5:30 and Ron boated a mint bright Coho. At 6:30 the yellow belly sapsucker #4 J-Plug fished at 75 grabbed Jim his big king. Then between 7:00 and 7:15 we tripled and landed a brown another king and lost a King within 5 feet of the net. All strikes coming in 105 to 100 fow. Clearly not a mega catch but a rewarding one for the effort expended.

daily catch

Here's Ron Smith with his Coho.

a nice coho salmon

August 30, 2016
Here is a look at our last three outings. Majority of strikes coming on a Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK Secret Fly and meat rigs in 90 to 250 fow both east and west of OZ. On Sunday morning Jim Schafer, Rich Ludington, Jeff Manasse and Steve Weld went 5 for 6 but had to return a 20 inches rainbow. Jim Schafer has our nicest coho of the season. On Sunday afternoon Alissa Case, Biz Brown and Chris Bryan went 3 for 5 on kings and it was the first ever for Alissa and Biz. Chris boated the mint silver hen. On Tuesday morning Joe Murrell, grandson Aiden Slominski, Jim Shook and Ken Ells went 3 for six with most of the strikes on a 400 copper and 210 to 233 divers dressed with the A-TOM-MIK Secret Fly. At times fish follow well beyond the length of the fishfinder screen. Ken had the beast of the morning and Joe couldn't be more proud of Aiden with a first time king and that coming on a 400 copper.

4 king salmon  a nice king

king salmon         another king

large king       king salmon

more kings             king salmon king

August 27, 2016
Steve Hanson, wife Carli, her brother Steve and dad Ralph Jahnige celebrated his 80th. birthday with a Lake Ontario Charter aboard the BANDITO III at OZ and shared the excitement of landing 4 out of the 6 Salmon they hooked. 500 copper fired twice with a green/green dot Spinny in tandem with the A-TOM-MIK green Secret Fly, meat rig at 117 fired once divers at 290 and 240 fired twice with Valium chips and same Secret Fly and UV190 FLY.

A big King Salmon   another king

4 fish in the boat so far

August 26, 2016
John Wnuk, son Andrew Wnuk and uncle Rob Wnuk spent Friday afternoon pondering and wandering the Lake Ontario waters at OZ on the BANDITO III trolling for kings. After a slow start (hit and a miss) they then proceeded to land the next 4 out of 5 part of which was a quad in the last 1/2 hour. a diver at 280 pulled to 560 before it stopped running, a 500 copper with the ever dominant UV190 A-TOM-MIK fly, a yellow belly sapsucker J-Plug fished at 95 down and a meat rig at 115 down. the J let go within 10 feet of the net. Time for OZMANIA.

nice king salmon  another nice king

catch of 4 king salmon

August 25, 2016
Michele Gavioli, Sean S.c. Sweeney Jerry Leone and Phil Kuhl spent the morning at OZ and went 4 for 7 on Salmon. our main player was the UV190 A-TOM-MIK fly.

nice king salmon   another nice king

daily catch of 4 nice king salmon

August 23, 2016
Lenny Fleet, son Bobby Fleet and future son-in-law Nate Belmonte tangled with some heavy weights this afternoon at OZ. Main player this afternoon was the A-TOM-MIK UV190 fly on a 500 copper, 300 diver and 127 rigger.

king salmon   king salmon

king salmon    daily catch of 4 king salmon

August 17, 2016
This combo featuring an A-TOM-MIK Secret Fly and white green dot Spinny has been a main player for us in recent outings. Most of the effort has been in 90 to 130 Fow east and west of OZ. Meat rigs and an occasional spoon NK mag and Moonshine Hot Lips have also accounted for some of our better kings. The following is a collage of clients and catches. Vicky Biondo is all smiles after landing her king on the 400 copper; and she made it look easy. Bill Lake fought this hefty king in nasty conditions on Sunday morning and earned the right to smile about it. Professor Brent Keegan and his brother tagged teamed on a 270 Diver to get their king to the net. The Thorpe family, grandpa Bruce, dad Bill, and boys Owen and Conner boated their catch on Saturday afternoon during a 4 hour charter. Eight year old Oakley Keegan needed little assistance to boat this birthday king Friday morning. 20 years ago his dad Chris did the same as a 12 year old. Yanci Herboldt, brother Arthur and dad Bob boated these on Saturday morning.

pic-salmon w/lure used to catch it  pic-nice salmon caught pic-another nice salmon

pic-king salmon

pic-youth w/King Salmon another youth w/a nice king       an even younger youth w/ a nice salmon

pic-daily catch of king salmon another trip-catch of salmon for the day

August 11, 2016
Kings, Steelhead, Lakers this morning at OZ. 110 to 350 Fow on a variety, A-TOM-MIK SECRET GLO GREEN FLY, Moonshine Purple Haze, and cut bait. 300 divers, 400 copper and 75-100 riggers. Kevin O'Connell, Barry Tyndall, were treated to a charter with Bob Strazewski from Allied Building Materials.

pic-king salmon      pic-king salmon

August 9, 2016
Mike DeAngelus is all smiles after landing his first ever King Salmon . 30+ pounds of kingtime energy was a great intro to Lake Ontario at OZ.

pic-30+ lb king salmon

August 5, 2016
Change of pace this afternoon at OZ. Amy L Magallanes Balio husband Louie Balio and daughters Dakota and Victoria experienced just how good the smallmouth Bass fishing can be when the right conditions prevail. Easily caught ,and released 40+ smallies. Frenzy family fun when that kind of a bite persists.

pic-small mouth bass                   pic-small mouth bass

pic-2 small mouth bass

July 27, 2016:
Thanks to Troy Ray, Anthony Sokolowski Katelyn Seymour, Shawn Ward, Ray Kubacki for hanging tough during yesterday's charter out of Oswego. 9 strikes in 9 hours was a grind but the crew made it fun.

pic-large salmon

pic-noce king salmon

pic-daily catch for 7/26/16

July 25, 2016
The Gasparini's, dad Gary with sons Tom Gasparini, Scott, Stephen and daughters, Karin and Katie used family synergy to bring these Salmon aboard during Sunday morning's charter on Lake Ontario at OZ. 300-400 FOW east of the harbor provided the action. 500 and 400 coppers, with meat and spoons were active as well as riggers at 133 and 122 with big UV paddles and meat. Great morning with a great family.

pic-daily catch of salmon for 7/25/16

July 20, 2016
Mint silver today on the Big O at OZ for Soni and Chip Fashner who run Reel Easy Charters on Lake Erie for walleyes. They also have chartered for Salmon on Lake Michigan but are foregoing that this season and moving their 31 footer here for mid-August Oswego kings. We generated 6 hits this morning boated 5 kept 4 released a skippy. Got bites from 180 to 425. 500 copper meat, 310 diver A-TOM-MIK SHREDDED hammer with a Pig pen chip. UV Pickel Stingray 110 rigger 130 rigger twice with meat.

pic-large king salmon           pic-a nice king salmon

                           pic-daily catch of king salmon

July 16, 2016
Bill Bouck, brother John and John's son John M Bouck put some bruisers aboard this afternoon at OZ on the BANDITO III. Rough seas necessitated a one directional troll to the NW from 175 to 600 fow. Generated seven strikes and landed three adult kings and one Ironhead. Young John's king took an A-TOM-MIK SHREDDED glo Hammer fly fished in tandem with a hammertime chip off 500 copper and was the largest of the afternoon at 25#. Riggers with meat and spoons from 121 to 140 were also active.

pic-big king salmon

pic-daily catch of 3 kings

July 11, 2016
The Dan Heick brothers, Tom, Patrick and son Ryan Heick had just enough silver to keep it interesting this morning in OZ. Three Kings, two Ironheads and a lonely laker spread the hits across a 400 copper, 300 diver and riggers at 111 and 100. Went 6 for 7 in 140 to 300 fow.

pic-catch of salmon & steelhead

July 8, 2016
Bob Harriott boated this 18# king this morning on an A-TOM-MIK SHREDDED BIG FIN GLO in tandem with green chip mountain dew Pro Troll.

pic-18 lb king salmon

July 1, 2016
Shorty Crandall is all smiles and rightly so after boating this 12# Ironhead this morning at OZ for his first experience on a Lake Ontario Charter.

pic-large steelhead

June 30, 2016
Jim Froio, David Hiltbrand and Drew Thomas used their jigging skills this evening in 30 - 33 fow. We boated 14 eyes,to keep 9, 5 sheepies and 2 perch. Soft bite on XPS LAZER BLADES gold and Firetiger 5/8 oz. All but 2 eyes came unhooked upon netting. Slightly lip hooked . Lost at least 6 others 3 of which just shy of the net. David's sheepie estimated at 12#.

pic-large sheephead

pic-daily catch of walleyes for 6/30/16

June 28, 2016
The Baudo family, dad Ned and sons, Vince, John a d Ned Jr put in a solid morning of jigging. Got their learning done on the first pass we no fish boated. After that and three more passes 23 eyes for 13 keepers with dad boating the largest at 19 1/2. 32 to 30 fow had a nice picture and a good attitude with an East wind. Went flat ar,9:00 am then wind switched to the NW and lock jaw disease took over.

daily catch of walleye for 6/28/16

June 27, 2016
Ken Stabler, daughter Tara and friend Jordan, first timers to Oneida Lake yesterday morning did themselves proud with a respectable catch of eyes. Tara and Jordan, new to jigging didn't take long to master the technique. Joker jig once again in 32 fow plucked both eyes and yellow perch.

pic-daily catch of walleye

June 26, 2016
Dr. Genadi Bratslavski, chair of the Urology Department at Suny Upstate in Syracuse brought his family to Lake Ontario on a charter this afternoon. In a span of two hours they boated this robust Brown, a King, a 24 inch Atlantic which we released and a steelhead.

pic-large brown trout  pic-nice king salmon

pic-daily catch for 6/26/16

June 25, 2016
Phil Roe well known deer processor from Hamilton, NY with his first king of the 2016 season.

pic-large king salmon

June 24, 2016
Jeffrey A. Smith teamed up with the Khalsa brothers Mark and Sat to chase walleyes on Oneida during a morning charter. The bite today, a tad stubborn compared to yesterday and still managed to land 10 eyes to keep 8, 6 good size yellow perch, 8 sheepies and 1 pumpkinseed. All prisoners handcuffed with the Joker jig by

pic-daily catch of walleye for 6/24/16

June 23, 2016
John "kid" Corbett and Steve Aiello made short order of their limits this morning. The Joker by turned smoker on the eyes this am right out of the shut. 25-20 fow. Boated 15 kept our 9 and caught 3 more legal ones which we immediately released while I was pulling the drift sack . Two of which came on the bare jig by the "kid". Fishing by 6:25 am limited by 9:00 am.

pic-daily catch of walleye

June 22, 2016
So here's the rest of the story. The morning started with very little wind and walleyes preferring the Joker jig over blade baits. We actually experienced wind shifting from one direction to another for a matter of 2 hours. Managed 6 eyes 3 keepers a couple perch during that span all in 26-27 fow. Then Howl'n Wolf showed up and let all the sheep outta the barn. That started the grind but Pete Schermerhorn and Bill Miller did not relent. Together we boated 12 eyes 7 keepers 1 sheepie ,4 perch and 2 pumpkinseeds. White water everywhere. Challenging to jig but always fun.

pic-daily catch for 6/22/16

Pete Schermerhorn just boated this porky 19 1/2 eye. The Joker with rattles by is the go to this am. Three eyes so far on that item. 27-32 fow.

pic-big walleye

June 15, 2016
Smashmouth bite this morning with the crew from Bass Pro Shop, Auburn, NY. Store managers and associates Rob Robert Barber, Mike Burns, Adam Roof, Bob Ryan, Mark Kratz and I put a hurt on the eyes. Found a pocket of walleyes feeding on 2 1/2 to 3 inch perch in 27---23 Fow. It was game on with what else but the Bass Pro SHOP'S XPS LAZER BLADE 5/8 oz Gold and 5/8 oz Firetiger. The bite started as a slow pick from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and then from 9:30 to 10:30 it went frenetic. Boated 21 eyes to keep 18 for our 6 man limit and a half dozen sheepies. Just kept retracing the same track line.

pic-catch of bass and walleyes

pic-bait fish

June 14, 2016
Fished Oneida this morning with Capt. Paul Nagle and Brad Clark. They each got their limit with the best bite coming in 26 fow east end on the Fire tiger XPS Bass Pro Shops 5/8 oz Lazer Blade. Brad's best stretched to 22 inches.

pic-catch of walleyes

Fished last Friday with Tom Jones and Mark Krypel. Tough bite morning with strong NW wind. Boated eight to keep these four all on blades in 32 fow east end.

pic-catch of 4 walleyes

June 5, 2016
This morning's wind and at times heavy rain didn't deter Kent, son Matthew Christian, Chris and son Dan Buff from braving the elements and jigging their way to boating 11 eyes with 7 keepers. Although a good Lowrance screen at times with bottom oriented marks, it was a struggle to get them off the screen and into the boat. This here indeed is a hearty crew hanging tuff in very challenging conditions. BTW, if you're looking for a quality rain suit, the BASS PRO SHOP'S Pro Qualifier Gortex performed impressively today. I spent all total, 8 hours between the charter, prep and cleanup without any discomfort and thoroughly dry.

pic-daily catch of walleyes

June 2, 2016
It was just a function of finding a pocket of walleyes for this crew of Doug White, Andy Bouma, Michael D'Agostino and Kevin Horner. Headed to Messenger Shoals right out of the shoot at 5:30 am with a stiff southeast wind. After 1 hour of complete coverage of that area and one dropped eye at the net, I headed southwest to get some protection from the shore and deal with a more forgiving drift; not stopping the boat until I spotted significant marks. In the last 24 hours the barometric pressure dropped 0.076 .in. This coupled with approaching fronts is a perfect storm for game on walleye bite. Found a pocket in 27 to 33 fow and bladed our way to a four man limit with the majority of eyes 17 1/2 to 19 1/4 inches.

pic-daily catch of walleyes for 6/2/16

May 31, 2016
Sister, brother act here on the Big O at OZ. Fiona Elizabeth Barbour Day and Alec Barbour doubled on an Ironhead and teenage king. 460 to 490 fow CW stinger and alewife tuxedo. Nice start to a beautiful morning.

pic-salmon   pic of salmon

May 30, 2016
Jim Stukenborg and Bob McKinstry fished with me yesterday for a two man limit plus one. Boated 8 eyes to keep 7 and covered seven miles to fish eight different spots from Shackleton Point to buoy 129 staying in 32 to 26 FOW most of the time. Jigged with XPS Bass Pro Lazer Blades, Mad River blades and jigs to catch no more than two eyes in anyone one spot and in some spots none. Another grind kind of a catch. Truly believe the Goby Syndrome is exerting its force on our catch rate during the daylight hours. Seems to be a better bite from 9:00 pm to midnight from what I've been hearing from other angler friends.

pic-daily catch of walleyes for 5/29/16

May 27, 2016
It was chew mode for the eyes from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Most bellies packed with fresh to slightly digested gobies. Dave Soulier, Stephen Peltz and Walleye Ray Florczyk jigged the XPS BASS PRO 5/8 OZ. LAZER BLADE on structure falling from 14 to 23 fow. Took a ride west tonight to find this pocket of active eyes. If you can find foraging eyes they are willing to bite. Not so for me on Tuesday night. One eye in a three hour effort. It was payback mode tonight.

pic-daily catch of walleyes for 5/27/16

pic-contents of fish stomach

May 21, 2016
Jeff and Judy Benway blade jigged their way to their limit of eyes this am on a very slow bite morning. We ground out nine eyes to keep six in 25 to 14 fow on XPS BASS PRO LAZER BLADES 5/8 oz with silver the preferred color. A by catch of perch, pumpkinseeds, sheepies, pickerel and largemouth kept our attention between eye bites.

pic-daily catch for 5/21/16

May 18, 2016
Laurie Ascenzi Spicer, Leanne Hibbert and Dave Spicer stayed the course with me this morning. Lost our wind and drift by 7:30 am and by then only boated 2 eyes after sampling spots anywhere from 12 to 38 fow. When we did find marks they were either tight lipped or 6 to 8 inch perch mixed in with sheepies. Just an all around tough search for me this am. The three eyes that we caught from 10:30 to 11:30 did come on Lazer Blades in 18 to 20 fow off of Dutchman.

pic-daily catch of 5/18/16

May 17, 2016
After the two day blow on Sunday and Monday, Lady Oneida offered a much kinder wind this afternoon. Steve Earle, his dad Chuck Pickard, and father-in-law John Congdon and Arian VanMaarseveen and I boated 18 eyes to keep 15. No deep bite for us. 18 to 20 fow, gold and silver XPS Bass Pro Lazer Blades 5/8 oz. Not many youngsters in this crew---79, 76, 74, 72 and then Steve.

pic-daily catch of walleyes for 5/17/16

May 14, 2016
Another very good.morning on lady Oneida. Gordon Nickerson, son Seth Nickerson and Mike Kaproth each jigged up their limit of eyes. The bite was so good that even i had the opportunity to boat my limit. Deep bite today. Seth boated the biggest at 21 inches.

pic-daily catch of walleyes for 5/14/16

May 13, 2016
First evening charter of the 2016 season with Stephen Peltz, Brent Peltz, dad Steve Peltz and "Walleye Ray" Florczyk went well last night despite the absence of a significant wind. Fished from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm to get their limits eyes.

pic-daily catch of walleyes for 5/13/16

May 12, 2016
Took the crew from ONONDAGA COUNTY CONSTRUCTION on an Oneida Lake Charter this morning and they managed their limit of eyes. Zack O'Donnell. Matt Schwarz and Juan Pagan had a nice east wind which made for a very good drift. Sorry for no details but I'm in the Oneida Lake Walleye Trail two person team tournament this weekend and will share the usual info with next week's charters.

May 10, 2016
Finally, retribution! The Miller's, Shane, Bill, Shane and Jason Rockwell experienced a game on bite this am. Found a pocket of active eyes in 35 to 22 fow. Blades, silver, gold used in finesse mode triggered the strikes. Short hops with a moderate lift out performed the more aggressive stroke. Very little wind required frequent adjustment to stay on the wandering school. These eyes were clearly in munch-mode as evidenced by stomach content. Inch and a quarter yellow perch, fry size gobies and some three inch gobies. Today's crew, new to jigging and walleye fishing picked up on the method masterfully. There limits and mine made my day after struggling on my first two charters of this early walleye season. There are 14 eyes on the rack and there should be 15. Slight mishap at the dock during photo shot. Did recover it a little later.

pic-daily catch of walleye

May 9, 2016
John Hover first time fishing for walleyes made a quick study of jigging bucktails and blades. Started the morning in close without any contact. Moved out to 35 and took the drift into 26 fow. Found good marks on the drop and boated two eyes on blades. I assumed we found the pattern for the morning. Not so, the next and last eye hit the deck and hour and half later. Hate using the excuse of a cold front; but trust me it was nasty cold this morning and the eyes for what we marked showed little interest regardless what we tossed. Enough for now. Kudos to John he caught two I caught one.

pic-catch of walleyes

May 7, 2016
Tough bite for us on Oneida. Mike Martinez, John Notman and Manny Martinez stayed the course for 5 eyes, 6 yellow perch, 3 sunnies and 1 released Bass. Blades, jigs, Moonshines and multiple locations with depths varying from 6 to 36 fow.

pic-daily catch of walleyes and perch for 05/07/16

May 6, 2016
Nice morning on the Big O yesterday at OZ. The Blanchards Jim and son Jeff each boated their limits of browns and lakers. Started the morning west at the Rice Bowl only to find 41 degree, gin clear water on the beach and a limited number of fish marks. Trolled out to 60 fow off Burt Point and found a pocket of 45 degree water. Took a solid rap on a UV Blue Alewife Michigan Stinger, down 8 back 70. Zip, zing gone. It was over before it began. Took a small Brown on the same setup shortly after and that was it for the first two hours. Pulled the plug and headed east of OZ and fished 10 to 25 fow and picked the limit of browns on the same spoon and Smithwicks off boards; after which found the limit of lakers at 150 to 160 fow.

pic-brown trout and lakers  pic-daily catch for 05/05/16

April 29, 2016
Nat Dunn and his three sons, Ryan, Jared, and Justin enjoyed their first ever Lake Ontario Charter for browns and lakers this morning. Northeast wind again and a cold, clear water bite. Browns were smaller today but plentiful. Mixed it up again with Smithwicks and spoons to the west of OZ in 10 to 30 fow. Lakers at 140 fow.

pic-daily catch for 42916

April 28, 2016
Family fun on the Big O this am at OZ. The Mohat's mom, Mary Crawford-Mohat, dad, Zeke, boys, Jack and Zeker along with friend Jacob Verbanic despite the cold morning warmed up to thoughts of catching browns and lakers. The fish obliged. The big browns tipped the scales from 7.5 to 10.5 ‪#‎s‬ and the biggest stretched to 31 inches. We headed west of the harbor and found Browns in 10 to 30 fow. They chewed Smithwicks Black/Silver and Michigan Stingers Tuxedo pattern.

   pic-lake trout                        pic-brown trout

           pic-daily catch of lake and brown trout

April 25, 2016
John Neale, visiting from Nashville, TN, Bob Harriott, Maj. John John Williams and Clarence White braved yesterday's northeast wind on Lake Ontario out of Oswego to boat their limit of lakers and two browns. Very stubborn Brown bite with water temps from 49 to high 46's to the east. Lakers again obliged in 135-145 fow on S&S Blades with Fireplugs.

pic-daily catch for 042516

April 24, 2016
No lack of enthusiasm and effort this morning from dad, Curtis Tracy, sons Tyler Tracy, Hunter, daughter Brooke and boyfriend, Billy Mills. On time for a 5:30 am departure from OZ to the east. Began with a double on browns then boxed two more and lost a bruiser that crushed the hooks on a Black n Silver Smithwick after a long battle. As good as that bite started it STOPPED. After two straight hours without another bite while trolling from 4 mile point to the east wall and back we headed to laker land where the crew boated their limit of 10 togues in 135 to 145 fow.

daily catch for 042416

April 16, 2016
Tougher bite today. Eight for nine on browns. A mix of Smithwicks and Michigan Stingers fished from 5 to 20 fow. Rich Ludington, Steve Weld, Tom Beaudoin and Greg Polge Fish Man did not relent despite the long wait between bites.

pic-daily catch of brown trout 4/16/16

First big one of the morning 9.1 lbs. For Tom Beaudoin. So far 5 for 6 spoons and socks OZ east.

pic-9.1 lb Brown Trout

April 15, 2016
Our first Charter of the 2016 season with George Reck, Geoff Reck, Jeremiah Renk, Eric Beasley and Chris Wines will be one this crew will remember for years to come Twelve browns, 6 Lakers and a boat load of fun. As for analytics--- early 5 to 9 fow, East of OZ, predominantly sticks Smithwicks off boards, later mostly Michigan Stingers on riggers down 7 to 9 in 14 to 20 fow, today's preferred speed 2.6 GPS, LAKERS 135 to 145 fow, S&S Blades with Fireplugs trolled at 1.8 to 2.1 GPS. Always grateful for a good bite and great crew.

pic-daily catch 4/15/16 of many brown trout

George RECK with the new leader for the morning. 5 for 5 so far.

daily catch 4/15/16 brown trout

Jeremiah Renk first good one of the morning and his first ever Brown. East of OZ 6 fow Smithwick off the board.

daily catch 4/15/16 brown trout

April 14, 2016
Shakedown effort 2016 is now in the books and more importantly without incident. Power plant, electronics, galley amenities, riggers, pumps, fishing gear all "ship shape". Capt. Paulie and I left Oswego harbor at 9:45 am and headed east for 5 to 10 fow. First line was set at 10am. Trolling 3 board rods with Smithwicks and two riggers with Michigan Stingers we generated 5 strikes landed and released 3 of the 5. All by 11am. Stained 43 degree water accounted for all the strikes. We then put the BANDITO III on plane to laker land for option two. No marks in 80 to 130 fow. Bottom chickens at 140 to 150. Solely a preparation mission to put a game plan in place for my first three charters on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

daily catch-pic large brown trout